Wednesday, April 22, 2015

#OpDecisiveStorm ceased , Operation “Restoring Hope” to start

And Saudi Arabia announced from couple of hours ago "on Tuesday as I finished this post early Wednesday morning !!"  that its military operation against Iranian-backed Houthi fighters in Yemen was over and that new operation called “Restoring Hope” was to start tonight.
From the Saudi Yemeni borders on April 20, 2015

The Saudi-led military coalition spokesperson Brigadier General Ahmed al-Assiri announced in his daily briefing on Tuesday that “Operation Decisive Storm” reached its goals which are protecting Saudi Arabia and the Arab countries as well destroying the Houthis’ ballistic rockets capabilities.

The 8 original goals of Operation  Decisive Storm announced from three weeks ago did not include those goals. Operation Decisive storm aimed at a Houthi withdrawal from Sana'a and Aden as well to reinstate President Hadi.
Hadi has not returned back nor did the Houthis leave Sana'a or Aden.

I think many people will ask and discuss whether Saudi Arabia and its coalition won in that operation or not in the upcoming days. Of course the Saudis are saying that the action has not stopped yet and the kingdom will launch a new operation “Restoring Hope”.

Some Saudis say that the operation succeeded from stopping the Houthis’ advance to the Kingdom.

May be the operation stopped the Houthis indeed but the militant attacks on the Saudi borders do not include ballistic missiles as far as I know. 

Anyhow after 3 weeks of airstrikes , the one thing we are sure of is that according to the WHO’s latest estimation not less than 994 were dead and 3,487 have been injured in Yemen

Personally I believe the Kingdom had to stop its military operation after it began to lose huge support among the Yemeni population following the airstrikes on Sana'a in the past few days.

I also find very it very strange that the Kingdom announces that Operation Decisive Storm was over when few hours earlier today it announced that the Saudi National Guards would join the operation. Some considered it a sign that there would be a ground invasion.

Oddly enough at the same time of  Spox Ahmed al-Assiri’s press conference Turkish Anadolu News agency claimed that the Ground invasion operations !!

Anyhow aside from Anadolu false news , some predicted today’s sudden change officially and Unofficially

Unofficially famous Saudi whistle-blower “@Mujtahidd” said in a series of tweets on his twitter account that Saudi Arabia had talks in the past few days with Houthis “as well Iran” through Oman and that the talks reached out that the Houthis would keep their gains without claiming victory in order to reach for a political solution.

The Pro-Islamist whistle-blower added that one of the signs of that agreement was appointing Khaled Bahah as Hadi’s vice-president. Bahah is accepted by the Houthis.

Officially earlier today Iranian deputy Foreign minister Hussein Amir told Iranian “Tansim” news agency that the Saudi operation would stop in Yemen.
Strangely the Supreme leader in Iran Khamenei published this post on his official instagram on Monday saying in nutshell that Saudis will be defeated in Yemen.
@khamenei_quote #احتمال_زیر_صفر #سعودي ها در مسئله #يمن خسارت خواهند كرد، ضرر خواهند كرد و به هيچ وجه پيروز نخواهند شد... پيروزي اينها احتمالش زير صفر است ١٣٩٤/١/٢٠ • • "احتمال انتصارهم تحت الصفر" سيتضرر #السعوديون جراء ما يجري في #اليمن وسيكون تحقيقهم للنصر مستحيلا .. احتمال انتصار هؤلاء تحت الصفر الإمام الخامنئي 09/04/2015 • • Ayatollah Khamenei #Saudis will suffer a loss on this matter(issue of Yemen). They will suffer a loss and they will not achieve any victory. the chances for the Saudis to achieve victory in #Yemen would be zero. In the present time, their chances are less than zero 09/04/2015 • • • #السعودية #عربستان #عاصفة_الحزم #عاصفه_الحزم #عاصفة_الحزم_السعودية #عاصفةالحزم #عاصفة_الخيانة #عربستان_سعودي #انصارالله_یمن #حوثي #انصارالله_اليمن #یمن #حوثيين #الحوثيين #اليمن #عدن #تعز #صعدة #صنعا ____ #khamenei #khamenei_ir #supremeleader #خامنه_ای #الخامنئي • • •
A photo posted by Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei (@khamenei_ir) on

I do not recall that his account published something like that in Arabic before.
Few hours after the announcement of Saudi Arabia that operation decisive storm was operation , the Khameni’s account published that short statement in Arabic and English plus of course Persian slamming the Saudis comparing them to Israelis.

Video time: 51sec #انكسار_العاصفة #انتصار_الإرادة ________ #سعودی‌ ها در این مسئله (تجاوز به يمن) خسارت خواهند کرد، ضرر خواهند کرد و #به_هيچ_وجه_پيروز_نخواهند_شد... قطعاً بینی سعودی‌ها به خاک مالیده خواهد شد. ________ الإمام الخامنئي لقد أطلق #السعوديون بدعة سيئة في هذه المنطقة، و قد أخطأوا طبعاً. الشيء الذي تفعله الحكومة السعودية في اليمن اليوم هو بالضبط ما فعله الصهاينة في غزة. سوف يخسر السعوديون و #سيتضررون في هذه القضية و #لن_ينتصروا_أبداً. لو كان أولئك قد استطاعوا الانتصار في غزة فإن هؤلاء أيضاً سيستطيعون الانتصار هنا. طبعاً حتى لو كان أولئك قد انتصروا لبقي احتمال انتصار هؤلاء صفراً، و احتماله الآن تحت الصفر. هؤلاء سوف يخسرون بالتأكيد، و سوف يتمرّغ أنف السعوديين في التراب قطعاً. 09/04/2015 • • Ayatollah Khamenei: the #Saudis have established a bad tradition in the region. Of course, they have made a mistake. Today, what the government of Saudi Arabia is doing in Yemen is exactly the same thing that the Zionists are doing in Gaza. the Saudis #will_suffer_a_loss on this matter. They will suffer a loss and they #will_not_achieve_any_victory. If the Zionists can achieve victory in Gaza, the Saudis too will achieve victory in Yemen. Of course, even if the Zionists achieved victory, the chances for the Saudis to achieve victory in Yemen would be zero. In the present time, their chances are less than zero. So, they will definitely receive a blow. Without a doubt, their noses will be rubbed in dirt. 09/04/2015 __________ #السعودية #عربستان #عاصفة_الحزم #عاصفه_الحزم #عاصفة_الحزم_السعودية #عاصفةالحزم #عاصفة_الخيانة #عربستان_سعودي #انصارالله_یمن #حوثي #انصارالله_اليمن #یمن #حوثيين #الحوثيين #اليمن #عدن #تعز #صعدة #صنعا _________
A video posted by Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei (@khamenei_ir) on

I just do not understand.
The latest update comes from Yemen as Houthi released Hadi's minister of defense whom they captured last March !! 


  1. There is a rather "large scale" Special Operations with Marines, Navy, Army troops going to take place in the U.S. deserts during July 15th-August 15th, or extending into Sept. What are they training for is the question? Its called, "Jade Helm" if anyone wants to check the internet for it. Hmmm. To help the inept Saudis from so many civilian casualties. Is that the Project Hope?

  2. Oman is a state whose foreign policy makes a considerable amount of sense (with the possible exception of tacitly endorsing monarchical repression). It appears to realize that endless conflicts waste the region's potential.

  3. Look at this statement from Ayatollah Khamenei:

    "If the Zionists can achieve victory in Gaza, the Saudis too will achieve victory in Yemen. Of course, even if the Zionists achieved victory, the chances for the Saudis to achieve victory in Yemen would be zero."

    That makes no sense. The first sentence says if the Zionists win then the Saudis win. The second says if the Zionists win then the Saudis lose.


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