Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Operation Decisive Storm : Think About Humans For Once “Day 6”

Operation Decisive Storm has not reached yet its goals as the Houthis and their allies in Yemen did not give up. On the contrary Houthis are advancing towards Aden. On Wednesday Mansour Hadi’s administration itself admitted that the Houthi militants reached to the center of Aden and demanded the people of Aden to resist them.
As far as I was told and Know the people of Aden aka the Southerners are angry that they are being dragged to the fight of the Northerners in the first place. 
Now this video will explain to Westerners simply what is happening in Yemen.
Yemen Explained- Al-Araby El-Gadid
On the other hand The International Committee of Red Cross “ICRC” announced that obstacles needed to be removed in order to deliver the much needed medical supplies and aids to Yemeni hospitals across the country. Among those obstacles : Allowing the ICRC’s planes to land in Yemen in order to deliver medical aids as Saudi air forces sealed off the Yemeni airspace. The coalition should ICRC planes land and help the Yemenis. 
I can not believe how the Saudi coalition did not let the ICRC plane land in Yemen to deliver the medical supplies in the first place. This is the stupidest thing ever. Just like in Syria the medical staff of ICRC is being targeted in the cross fire
There is no final or official death toll about the victims. The UN Human rights Council says that at least 97 Yemenis have been killed since last 27 March while the UNICEF says that at least  62 children were killed and 30 others were injured in the fight over the past in a press statement it released on Tuesday.

Important and alarming numbers about the humanitarian
Crisis in the unhappy Yemen. 
The explosions and projectiles are turning the life of Yemenis who do not fight inside the cities in to hell. It seems that Houthis find the best places to store weapons and missiles to be besides the residential areas and to install anti—craft missiles over houses with no regards what so ever to the human beings living in those buildings. 
Either ways there are hundred of thousands of Yemenis are paying and have been paying heavy prices for civil wars and proxy wars as well in the past 20 years with more 300,000 Yemenis displaced inside the country itself. 
Personally I began to notice a trend among Yemeni tweeps to reject that war altogether. They launched from couple of two days ago “#KefayaWar” hashtag
#Kefaya war by Yemeni Blogger "@Sala#Yemen"
And like what the Yemenis on twitter say Fuck Hadi , Fuck Saleh , Fuck Houthis … Enough wars.

Now moving to another problem we have got thanks to this war : The Egyptian expats in Yemen.
We got between officially 6000 to 7000 Egyptian expats in Yemen according to Egypt’s ministry of manpower and immigration while unofficial numbers speak about not less than 18,000 Egyptian citizens. Of course those Egyptians were forgotten when the Egyptian diplomatic mission to Yemen departed the country to Cairo after the storming of Houthis to Aden. Those Egyptians’ safety were not put in consideration either when Abdel Fattah El-Sisi decided that Egypt participate in the Operation Decisive operation.
Now after the Egyptian expats began to speak  in the media about their fear , the ministry of foreign affairs asks them to head to the Saudi-Yemeni borders and the Omani-Yemeni borders and to return back home to Egypt from there.
There is one problem in the whole issue or two problems to be precise : Saudi-Yemeni borders are located in the North where all the action is , already Saada governorate on the Saudi Borders is the hometown of Houthi movement and actually it got all the biggest share of strikes. On the other hand the road to Omani-Yemeni borders is controlled by Houthis, Ali Abdullah Saleh’s loyalists and bandits as well.
Needless to say the Egyptian expats are extremely worried that Egypt engages in ground operations because this means their safety will be in danger. 
It is the 6th day of that war and the Arab media or rather the media of both sides are lying as usual and spread awful sectarian vibes that we are going to pay its price sooner before later 

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