Friday, April 3, 2015

Operation Decisive Storm : The battle of Aden goes on and on

First of all the UN announced that at least 516 Yemeni were killed and  not less than 17,000 were injured in the fight last week. 
Early Thursday a huge dust storm hit the Gulf States paralyzing life for many hours as well as it seems the Operations of Decisive storm.
For several hours we did not hear about air strikes like the past week instead we heard that that Houthis took over Aden and stormed the Presidential palace there for the the billion times. We also heard there have been huge street fights between the Southerners militias and Houthis as well the Pro-regime loyalists and Houthis.
Aden from the Sea on Thursday
Inside the city itself 
The fights were inside the residential areas. The residential buildings were being shelled by Houthis in day light.
Here is a video showing the fights in Aden streets exactly at Kraytor street.
Street fights at Kraytor street in Aden
The shelling reached to Aden’s “Serah” ancient fort.

Serah Fort on fire on Thursday "Mazen Al-Hebshi"
By the mid day Reuters spread that sources in Aden Port were talking about land forces embarking. Exactly they were speaking about tens of special forces from some country. The early reports claimed that they were Egyptians then Saudi forces. Hours later it turned out that those mysterious forces were actually Chinese forces that came on the board of a Chinese warship to evacuate the Chinese and Asian citizens from Aden Port.
The news from Yemen did not stop here. As more bad news kept coming. Earlier Thursday Al Qeada fighters stormed one of the major prisons in Yemen in Hadhramout’s Al-Mukalla freeing hundreds of their members.
Al-Qaeda shelling Al-Mukalla
They also stole the branch of the Yemeni Central Bank in the governorate and declared as An Islamist governorate.
Only by afternoon the airstrikes resumed.
Ironically and oddly enough Saudi Arabia , Egypt , Qatar, Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda are against Houthis and Ali Abdullah Saleh. It is a mad world indeed.
On Thursday also Saudi Arabia announced that it lost a solider “Soliman  Al-Maliki” in the fight against Houthis at the Saudi-Yemeni borders.
Late Al-Maliki 
Egypt also is said to lost citizen in the fight. According to Masrawy news website 46-years old Yahia Mostafa, a truck driver was killed at the Saudi-Yemeni borders. News websites in Egypt say that Houthi militants attacked him at the borders area and blew up his truck. His family is asking the government to retrieve his body.
The International Red Cross has suspended its operations in Yemen. Okay can the Arab League do something ?? That Arab Red Crescent Organization can send supplies to Yemen For God sake.
Since early Friday the Clashes continue in Aden.
The Coalition sent supplies from ammunition , weapons and medical supplies to the People’s Committees fighting the Houthis in the city.
A photo showing the supplies with their parachute
"Aden Al-Ghad" 
Here is the video showing the supplies
Of course the Houthis and Anti-Houthis forces took those supplies.
The huge sand storm is heading to Yemen by the way.


  1. Thank you for your summary. Pray for peace.

  2. Thank you for your summary. It is so hard to get information. Pray for the people of Aden and for peace.

  3. Pray for peace? Pray instead for the cowardly villain Ali Abdullah Saleh's head on a pike, and quick victory over the treacherous Houthis, and peace will follow. You have surely heard, as I have, from the mouths of liberal or secular Sunnis, that the Zaidi Shia are not Twelvers and so they are not such bad fellows. First of all whether Twelvers or not, they are backed by the Twelvers in Iran. Secondly, the scorn and vulgar disrespect they pour upon Aisha bint Abu Bakr cannot be forgiven.

  4. They do what they like to do.
    They just like the people to cheer.
    May Aĺlah swt have mercy on us.


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