Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A New Minister of Justice , More Controversial Than the Old one

I do not know how they think at the presidency, but they surely do not think straight. Earlier today it was announced that Judge Ahmed El-Zend, the head of Judges’ Club as the new minister of justice replacing Mahfouz Saber who resigned after his classist statements. The irony is that Ahmed El-Zend is classist and controversial more than Saber.
Sisi and Zend "Egyptian presidency" 

Many people are shocked that El-Zend was chosen for this position but actually I believe appointing him means that the government exposes its  true anti-Jan25 agenda knowing El-Zend political views and statements. Already we should not forget that El-Zend represented the opposite current supported by Mubarak’s regime in the Judges Club against the Reformists judges in the first place.
Now this post celebrates El-Zend’s most controversial statements in the past couple of years  :
  • Judges want Islamic Sharia “ February 2012”
In a meeting with Salafist preacher Mohamed Hassan at Judges Club in Cairo , El-Zend stated that the judges in Egypt were dying to have Islamic Sharia fully implemented in Egypt but they do not have a legislative power.
  • The United States is a “dirty” country and Egypt should stop the visit of foreign delegations 
After ousting Morsi in July 2013 , there were many visits to Egypt by foreign delegations from African Union and European Union. This did not make El-Zend happy and so he called SCAF then to stop those foreign delegations from entering the country. He also called the United States as a "dirty"  country in an interview on CBC TV channel. I can find the video but the websites covered his statements.
  • The Holy March of Judges’ children in Judiciary “September 2013”
In a meeting at the Judges club in Monufia , El-Zend criticized those who spoke about nepotism in judiciary describing them as envious. He also added that nobody would stop that holy March of Judges’ children.

  • We are the masters in this land and the others are slaves “January 2014” :
El-Zend : Judges are masters
In an interview with notorious Tawfik Okasha , El-Zend says that Judges are the masters in this land “Egypt” while others are slaves.
The Pro-Sisi supporters defended El-Zend saying that he meant the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters.
  • Cut the relations with the States “January 2014” :
In The same months El-Zend demanded the Egyptian government to cut the relations with the United States during an On Air TV Show.
El-Zend : Cut the relations with the States
  • El-Sisi kicked Obama's back so hard " September 2014" 

In an interview with Pro-Military Ahmed Moussa , El-Zend said that El-Sisi kicked Obama's back "equivalent to ass" so hard. 
  • I have never believed in 25 January “November 2014”
In a meeting at Judges Club in Assuit in November 2014, Judge El-Zen said that he has never believed in 25 January revolution because it brought the Muslim Brotherhood to rule.

  • A tax to support the police and shanty towns inhabitants are rich  "February 2015" 

El-Zend wants to impose a 20 LE tax on citizens to support the police. Those who can afford it can pay despite the Shanty towns inhabitants can pay because they are rich from begging and claim otherwise !!

By the way some source in presidency told Ahram Arabic News website Wednesday afternoon that Ibrahim Mehlab chose El-Zend and that El-Sisi only chooses the ministers of defense , Foreign affairs and interior.
I have always thought that the ministry of justice is as important as the ministry of defense and interior.
Anyhow that source can claim whatever he or she wants but according to Constitution 2014's article no. 146  the president must consult the prime minister in choosing the ministers of justice , interior , foreign affairs and interior. 


  1. I can't believe Sisi would appoint this kook. Perhaps Sisi thinks El-Zend will be useful in the sense of doing whatever Sisi tells him. And insulting the US, and calling for Sharia, are surely populist among some large classes of Egyptians.

    1. Sisi shares most of El-Zend's political and other outlooks. The corrupt executive branch is of a similar mind to the most extreme sections of the judiciary.

      The presidency and the cabinet don't care what anyone thinks anymore. They are not reluctant to appoint those who represent and openly articulate their real tendencies. They have totally detached themselves from the outside world (including the situation of the vast majority of Egyptians).

      I wouldn't be surprised if Sisi believes that January 25 was an international conspiracy or if he believed in other conspiracy theories as well. It would be more surprising if he does not.

    2. It doesn't matter who they appoint. Whoever is in the government, including Sisi, will be in the face of the canon and will be attacked by half the population and be called liars, thief, dictators, etc., whatever they do. That's the nature of things in Egypt, especially in a culture where the government is expected to provide free education, free healthcare, government jobs for anyone without a job... etc.

      Would be nice if they can just hand the whole thing to someone else to rule the country, but after the January 25 2011 disaster and the dissolution of the ruling National Democratic Party, there is no other entity that can be in charge of the country, except the military, and the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB is out, so the military is what's left. Everyone else is a bunch of political clowns (just like they always were). Sisi is an independent with a military background and has the support of the establishment, and the majority of the people, partly because the only other choice is/was... Morsi. But will any of the political parties or political groups choose someone to run against Sisi for President in the next election? Doesn't matter, whatever they do is irrelevant, because they are irrelevant, even if Sisi tries to treat them like they are relevant.


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