Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Reem Magued Interviews Dahab of Downtown Cairo

First of all here is Reem Magued’s Feminine Plural’s third episode for those who did not see it.
Reem Magued interviewed Dahab or Manal who owns a small kiosk for traditional Egyptian food in Downtown Cairo. Dahab , a University graduate from a working class background defied the odds after failing to find a job and decided to open a small kiosk for traditional food in a Downtown Cairo passage alone to become one of the popular food attractions in that busy part of the capital.
Feminine Plural: Dahab, the traditional food seller
Unfortunately, it is in Arabic. I wish DW translates it to English or German so the world sees those examples of fantastic and strong Egyptian ladies.
Now the crisis with ONTV is still going on.
ONTV owner Naguib Sawiris told Al Masry Al Youm that his Channel had to stop the TV show “ which is produced by DW” after two episodes only because it did not attract advertisements !!!
Ironically ONTV has this useless morning show “ON Morning” running for several years without commercials. The biggest irony also that ONA, the news agency owned by Naguib Sawiris published a report that is still online that says the TV show was suspended on ONTV due to political pressures !!
From her side, Reem Magued issued a statement on her official Facebook page slamming ONTV’s official statement.
Oh and the Pro-Sisi and Pro-Military Facebook accounts and twitter accounts began its dirty attack on Reem.
First they spread photos of her wearing a swimsuit then they began to spread  rumors that Reem converted to Judaism !!! You know during Mohamed Morsi’s rule, his supporters used to claim that Magued was Christian.
oh and they attack Naguib Sawiris with her also.


  1. Concerned expat5/20/2015 08:34:00 AM

    Dear Zenobia, isn't it time that people in Egypt stop thinking that being Jewish or converting to Judaism is shameful? One should be judged on what one does, not on a religious or ethnic affiliation.

    1. Tell that to radical Nationalists and Islamists


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