Friday, May 15, 2015

Graffiti Artists Detained for 12 hours in Cairo for this beautiful Mural

Do you see this beautiful graffiti Mural ??
Click to zoom in "By Mohamed El-Moshir"
This painting was made by a group of Egypt’s finest graffiti artists at El-Boston street in Downtown Cairo last week. The artists who painted since early morning were arrested by the security forces and detained for 12 hours till they were released. 
They were interrogated by Homeland officers during their detention.
The 4 graffiti artists included famous painters Mohamed El-Moshir and Ammar Abo Bakr
By the way till this day the Public prosecutor is ignoring the decision of the Cabinet to release the Walls of Freedom book about the 25 January revolution graffiti in Egypt. Walls of Freedom book was seized in Alexandria last February because it ignites revolution !!

The authorities also do not want let the lawyers of Dar Al-Tanweer publishing house in Egypt to
The graffiti artists in
check the reports about the books in order to know what violations are connected to the book’s content.
I am not surprised.
The current regime is annoyed by the Political graffiti recording the 25 January revolution history it wants to erase.
The only kind of street art is the type of apolitical art sponsored by Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the ministry of youth like “ We are going to Color it” initiative. On the other hand the Egyptian political graffiti recognized by the whole world is not welcomed anymore.
To follow the latest updates about Walls of Freedom , check its official Facebook.
As I speak about graffiti , I think it is a good opportunity to post my album about Egypt’s famous Revolutionary Graffiti.

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