Friday, May 15, 2015

Kodak Agfa presents Spring Flowers Show 2015

It has a long time been since the last time I had visited Egypt’s Spring Flowers Show. The last time I went there with my tiny Sony P200 Point and Shot was in 2007. Every year since then I say I would go and I do not. But this year I made it and visited at last Egypt’s oldest running Flowers show at Al-Orman botanical public garden.

I went there from two weeks ago then I went yesterday and it was really good despite the extremely hot weather. It is not Spring flowers show but rather Summer Flowers show !! Of course, I went in a very annoying time at 2 PM where the Sun was horizontal on my head so I should not complain.
I did not go around like in 2007 but the Spring Flowers show is always fun.

Click on the left arrow to see more than 90 photos from the Flowers show this year :)

Spring Flowers Show 2015

Not less than 100 Egyptian flowers nurseries, plantations and landscaping companies.

Now a little historical background about this beautiful show: It is the oldest surviving show or exhibit in the history of modern Egypt as I realized. This year the minister of Agriculture and Giza governor inaugurated the 83th Flowers Show which means officially it was inaugurated in 1932.

There are photos for late Queen Farida , Princess Fawzia Fouad , Princess Faika Fouad and Princess Faiza inaugurating the Show in its old location at the Agricultural Museum in Giza in 1940s and early 1950.
Queen Farida at the Flowers Show in early 1940s 
Princess Fawzia and Princess Faika at the Flowers show
in late 1940s
Princess Faiza at the Flowers show
Akher Saa'a magazine in April 1952 
Nevertheless tracing back the history of that show, I found out that Egypt’s Flowers show or rather shows used to be held in Egypt in old dates as the 1910s and it was not organized by the ministry of  Agriculture.

According to very old issue from “The Flowers” literature magazine “Published by Antoine Gamil from  1910-1913 there was an article about the Flowers Show in Alexandria on 21 April “did not mention the history but it was during the rule of Prince Hussein Kamel and its origin.

The Flowers Show was organized by the  Agricultural Society of Alexandria.
The Alexandria’s Flowers Show was used to be inaugurated by a prince or a noble from the Mohamed Ali Royal Family then.

That article says that the Flowers show in Alexandria was the idea of foreign expats specifically British expats in the Alexandrian society who brought the idea of Flowers shows from the UK during then.

The Spring Flowers show will end next May 26 and you can visit it for a very small fee.


  1. Absolutely lovely Zeinobia, if only everyday life echoed the tranquillity of nature!


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