Friday, May 8, 2015

#iSupportAbouTrika : Now The witch hunt reaches to Abou Trika

Egyptian authorities issued a decision late Thursday night to confiscate the funds of Egyptian famous retired footballer Mohamed Abu Terika because he is allegedly Muslim Brotherhood member.

Al Watan newspaper says that it got exclusive documents showing that  the Committee assigned by the government to confiscate the Muslim Brotherhood’s funds and assets  has confiscated the funds of the popular footballer because of his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Pro-regime newspaper claims that the retired footballer founded a tourism company in 2013 as a cover for the Muslim Brotherhood economic activities. The report claimed also that the committee informed the Central Bank of Egypt and The CBE started to take steps to freeze the African football superstar’s funds and accounts in Egypt.

Soon enough, we found Mohamed Abou Trika himself posting this very short yet eloquent post on his official Facebook page and twitter account confirming the news.

نحن من نأتي بالاموال لتبقي فى أيدينا وليست فى قلوبنا تتحفظ علي الأموال او تتحفظ علي من تتحفظ عليه لن أترك البلد وسأعمل فيها وعلي رقيها .
Posted by Abou Trika on Thursday, May 7, 2015

We bring the money so it would be in our hands and not in our hearts.They can confiscate the money or anything else but I will not leave this country and I work on improving it.
Abou Trika fired back eloquently.
Now that was the news broke the internet for real in Egypt with thousands of tweets as well several hashtags like “#iSupportAbouTrika”, “#AbouTrika_is_not_a_criminal” and “#AbouTrika_is_red_line” in Arabic. Classy as they are always, Pro-Sisi supporters launched a counter hashtag describing Abou Trika as MB sheep.
I will not link because it is full of fascism and hate
The Arabic hashtag “#Confiscating_Abu_Trika_Money” in Arabic reached the worldwide trends and remained there for several hours.
It is still there at 4:10 AM by the way
Here is trends map showing his name across the country for hours.
From trends map 
Hours later we found a news in Dot Misr website claiming according to an anonymous source that not all his funds are being confiscated but rather some of his shares in some MB-related company.

The Muslim Brotherhood was designated officially by a governmental decree as a terrorist organization in 2013. Officially Now Abu Trika is linked to a terrorist organization.

Despite his Islamist-leaning, Abu Trika has never declared his political affiliations or political views after the ousting of Morsi.
Unfortunately, I saw that coming as all the untalented hateful and awful sports TV hosts used to attacking him for two years accusing him of being a Muslim Brotherhood member and so on.

It is not about the Islamist affiliations or the Muslim Brotherhood only I believe. Abou-Trika made his political choice when he stood beside the Ahly Ultra groups after the massacre of Port Said stadium and refused to salute Field Marshal Tantawy hours after the massacre in February 2012.

Since then he was put under the radar.
Despite his Islamist affiliation, he never spoke or promote for the Muslim Brotherhood, unlike other sports figures who left Egypt and settled down in Qatar.

I can safely say that the people are angry especially the youth because we are speaking about one of the true idols in this country, one of the true beloved and respected idols to be accurate. God knows how few they are now !!


  1. Asalamu Alaykom,

    It's good that the Powers that Be are going after such a stellar man. Go for it! Show the limits of your reach. At some point, there HAS TO be a limit and maybe this is the time. When the Morsi government went after Adel Iman, it was the same wait-just-a-minute realization for both Egyptians and the Arab World. Some stars are too big to reach and if Adel Iman's blasphemy case caused a pull back before, inshahallah Abu Treka's money laundering case will do the same. Even as a non-Egyptian who doesn't like soccer/football, I love Abu Treka. That should tell you something about his stature!

  2. This idiotic regime is backing Yemen's MB and ultraconservative movements, as well as Salafists. Its senseless gibberish and babbling about Abu Treika is devoid of logic. It needs to apologize to the Egyptian MB if it is going to keep supporting their ally, the Islah, in Yemen.

    In any case, what Abu Treika does or does not support is none of their totalitarian business. (Fascist) Torturers have no basis on which to condemn other people. They wish they could be 1,000,000,000,0000,000,000,000,000th the men/man that Abu Treika is.


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