Wednesday, May 6, 2015

And The Curse of Tutankhamun is still hunting the young king !!

It seems that there is a real Tutankhamun’s curse after all and it is not hunting down anyone except the poor young King Tut whether in his life or his death !!
Do You remember what happened to King Tut’s beard ?? You know when King Tut’s beard was broken after a bad restoration operation and it was fixed by cheap epoxy then after days of denials the ministry of antiquities admitted it and then said later everything was under control.
Do you remember when King Tut’s chair was broken in transit to the New Grand Egyptian Museum last March?
Well, guess what ??
 According to Youm website, one of King Tut’s poles were allegedly broken while it was being transferred to the New Grand Egyptian Museum from the old Egyptian museum in Downtown Cairo.
The website says that anonymous source inside the Egyptian museum told the New website the two wooden rods including a King Tut’s were broken and they are currently being fixed at the Conservation Center at the Grand Egyptian Museum before the news would be leaked to the press. Well, the news reached the press with photos.
According to Youm 7 the Tut’s rod or pole got that description in the official ministry of antiquities’ data: “ A pole with curved pex - EM 15840، SR 813/1، Carter No 236. There was another rod or pole"
Another pole has been broken as well according to Youm7 but not from Tut’s collection but from the Middle age in Ancient Egypt. The second pole is registered in the official ministry of antiquities’ data as well “ Sr 476/3، GEM 12739”.
Youm 7 published photos for two broken poles, I do not know which one is Tut’s pole, but I assume it is the golden one.
The alleged broken pole of King Tut "Youm 7" 
Youm 7 published a photo for that golden stick or pole fixed by another cheap epoxy I assume.

The pole fixed with epoxy !?  "Youm7" 
Howard Carter found 139 ebony, ivory, silver and golden walking sticks in the tomb of the golden pharaoh.
After hours of publishing that story Dr. Tarek Tawfik , the Egyptian Museum Curator told Ten Channel’s “Beit Beitak” {Yeah it is back} that King Tut’s sticks/poles were fine BUT One gold stick was found to be broken in the first place and it had be fixed by using wax.
The curator also added that the stick was being fixed. Ironically Dr. Tawfik denied the claims of the Youm 7 when he admitted in the same interview that one of the sticks were broken !! 

المتحف المصري: عصا توت عنخ آمون بخير وجارِ ترميمها
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Seriously leave King Tut and his stuff alone !!


  1. Oh no! Made me think of Steve Martin's funny song: :)

  2. I don't understand how this can happen to Tut's cane or staff or shepherd's crook or whatever it is on the very heels of the epoxyed beard disaster. One would expect that heads would roll, and that adults would be put in charge of antiquities so that no such thing could happen ever again. It must be that the items are pre-islamic, and so they are treated with casual contempt. Is that it? I suggest again, like last time this happened, that you ask the British Museum to mind the antiquities. Or hire some competent Israelies, the only first-worlders in the Middle East. It's not just the beard and the staff. Just on April 18, Zeinobia wrote about builders in Alexandria destroying a Hellenistic era archaeological site. You guys burned down a whole building full of important Egyptian historical documents, remember that a couple of years ago? You've been ruining things in your care at least since the late 3rd century AD, when some Romans burned down the Library of Alexandria, the biggest repository of knowledge in the ancient world.

    1. It's really complicated to explain but in the end, it is a cultural thing, just like everything else. As for burning down a building full of historical documents... that's a perfect way to symbolize the January 25 uprising and the mentality of the people who claim they want freedom and democracy in the Middle East.

    2. Non-Arab hatred of Arab liberty is motivated by racist envy and desire to feel superior to other humans. Support for Arab dictatorial savages by Arabs is troglodytism and primitivity.

  3. Then it's all the more urgent that someone else mind the relics.


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