Saturday, May 2, 2015

The return of the living dead in Egypt !!!

It is very promising and very cheerful when you read n the newspapers and websites that Gamal Mubarak has visited the pyramids plateau with his wife Khadija El-Gamal, his little daughter Farida and his big Nikon D4 I think.
Gamal Mubarak with his daughter Farida and wife Khadija
"Source: Youm7"
It is very provoking actually because you remember at the same time thousands of Egyptian young protesters and activists who revolted again him and his father are currently in jail like Alaa Seif, Ahmed Douma, Mohamed Adel and Ahmed Maher as well Sanaa Seif and a long list of young men and girls.
Anyhow there is sudden insistence from the Mubarak boys whether Alaa or Gamal to resurface in Egypt’s social scene once again since their release pending their trials. They appeared first in early April while attending the memorial service of famous Pro-Military journalist Mustafa Bakery’s mother at none other than Omar Makram mosque in the heart of Tahrir square in some sad irony.

The Mubaraks at Omar Makram
The Mubarak brothers were received warmly by all the cronies in the memorial service.
Ironically I remember that Mustafa Bakry or Bakryman as Bassem Youssef used to call him was the first to attack Hosni Mubarak and his sons on TV days after the former president was ousted. I even remember him while saying on TV chilling dramatic moments about the fall of the Mubarak era including the moment when Alaa slammed his brother Gamal or Jimmy at the Presidential palace while crying on 10 February 2011 and screaming “You brought Papa down !!”. In August 2011, Bakry claimed that he chanted against Hosni Mubarak himself !!

I think the Mubarak brothers hold no hard feelings for Bakry whom the Muslim Brotherhood used to cheer for him in the parliament 2011/2012 because he used to attack ElBaradei.

Newspapers and media figures report from time to time that presidency aka El-Sisi does not like their activity , nevertheless I believe that that sort of news is just to absorb the public anger from their return back to the scene even away from politics.

Hosni Mubarak already was back to the spotlight last week when he spoke on the phone on air with TV host Ahmed Moussa urging the people to stand behind their president Sisi.  Moussa is close to the presidency and traveled to Greece and Spain among the media delegation accompanying El-Sisi.

Anyhow today’s Pyramids plateau's visit is more than interesting. Ironically it comes after the visit another controversial figure to the Pyramids. On Thursday Porn actress Carmen De Luz posted a photo for her naked derriere while riding a camel at the Pyramids plateau on her social media networks breaking the internet for real in Egypt to the level that the ministry of antiquities decided to open an investigation about the whole affair.

If you think about it Gamal Mubarak was flashing his derriere a Giza Pyramids theoretically in the face of millions of Egypt during that short family visit to The pyramids.

Now interestingly as we are speaking about the return of Gamal Mubarak to the social scene, it seems that there is another presidential hopeful who wants to come back to Egypt.

This weekend suddenly people find posters calling for the return of former PM and presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik from Dubai.
By Tito Tarek 
By Tito Tarek 
“We want Major General Shafik to return back to Egypt” and it is signed by an unknown group called “You are the President” movement. I could not find a public group or Facebook page with that name dedicated to Shafik except one closed group with 200 members only.

Political activist and Constitution party member Tito Tarek found those posters disturbed Downtown Cairo late Thursday. He also found them hanged on the buildings in Downtown Cairo next day.
Those posters remind me of Omar Suleiman’s presidential posters which appeared suddenly in fall 2010. During then we did not know who was behind that campaign.

After the ousting of Mubarak in 2011, Journalist and TV host Ibrahim Eissa confessed that he and other three young political activists from the founding members of the Revolution Youth Coalition. Eissa claimed that it was their plan to hit Gamal Mubarak.

Of course there is another unofficial version then Eissa’s saying that Eissa and his youth activists were actually pawns used in that war between Gamal Mubarak and Omar Suleiman which ended of course that Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is currently ruling the country.

Back to Shafik , the last time we heard of him when he backtracked his leaked recording where he slammed El-Sisi and army in 2014 over the presidential elections. 

By the way, the appearance of Jimmy Mubarak and Shafik’s posters certainly indicate that those living dead are back !! 


  1. May be to you he is "the living dead".

    But to me and to many many people he is
    أمير القلوب

  2. I'll never forget how happy the young people, and even the older ones were in 2011 the last time we visited. It was a sight to behold. Everyone seemed "jubilant" from Cairo to Alexandria and everywhere else I keep Shaima photo as my avatar on FB :( .....horrible but God's justice will prevail after all is said and done.


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