Friday, May 1, 2015

And Now They Dare and Criticize El-Sisi on TV !?

Do You remember that sudden wave of criticism to the ministry of interior and misconduct of police force I spoke about it earlier this week ?? It escalated to become a direct criticism as well an attack on Abdel Fattah El-Sisi himself by the same TV hosts who used to spread the Presidential cult every night through their talk shows.
Tawfik Okasha unleashed verbal attack against El-Sisi describing him as a “donkey” { stupid} and a coward for not sending the Egyptian army to Yemen.
Tawfik Okasha: El-Sisi is coward
Okahsa, who is going to shut down his channel next Saturday due to financial problems, predicted earlier that El-Sisi was going to be toppled next Tuesday !!!!!
I do not need to recount how this man was too close to SCAF.
Pro-regime TV host Rania Badawy asked El-Sisi on air from couple of days on Saudi-owned Youm Channel about the fate of the mega-projects he promised during his presidential campaign as well the projects announced in the Sharm El-Sheikh economic conference. The video of her rant was available Online, but it was removed from YouTube from a couple of hours ago.

Of course Okahsa and Badawy are not like Ibrahim Eissa who has been criticizing El-Sisi strangely and systematically for the past two weeks. Eissa is the most vocal so far stating the country is ruled by the same way used in Mubarak’s time. Now Personally I believe Ibrahim Eissa is really angry from El-Sisi because the later took Egypt’s Al-Azhar Institution when it comes to that talk about Islamic revolution. Eissa has been criticizing Al-Azhar in his TV shows and articles accusing the top Islamic institution of being the cradle of radicalism by sticking to the old texts and explanations of Emam El-Bukhari. After a war of words between the Sheikhs and Eissa , El-Sisi announced that reforming the religious discourse was the responsibility of the official state institutions aka Al-Azhar.
Just check the dates of Eissa’s attack on El-Sisi and the later’s statements about reforming the religious discourse and you will know what I mean.
Something is not normal and please do not tell me that this is the freedom of expression because those TV hosts are far away from freedom of expression and they were participated effectively in the past three years in paralyzing the freedom of expression in Egypt after the 25 January revolution.
Ironically a group of Pro-Sisi supporters on twitter launched a Hashtag called “Your media is not appropriate for Egypt” attacking the same old media figures who used to worship Sisi for the past three years !!!!
Moving to Press, today this was the front page of weekly Tahrir Newspaper on Thursday.
Let's hold the president accountable !!
Let’s Hold The president accountable !!!????? Here is article speaking about the president’s accountability according to the constitution. Tahrir Newspaper is currently owned by businessman Akmal Kortam, the former NDP member and founder of Pro-Military Conservatives Party which is considered actually another NDP-off shoot party.
Many people are wondering what is going on. Is there a fight between security apparatuses? Is there a fight between the regime and the businessmen in Egypt ?? Is there a fight between the old Mubarak state and the New Sisi state !? God only knows. Time will tell.

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