Sunday, June 21, 2015

#June21 : Egyptian Women Protest For Detainees At the Presidential Palace

Dozens of very brave Egyptian women protested at the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis demanding the release of the detainees in Egypt. The protest is organized on the anniversary of the famous Anti-Protest law march to presidential palace from a year ago which ended by arresting a group of activists above them Yara Salem and Sanaa Seif
Yara, Sanaa and other young protesters were sentenced to three years in jail for illegal protesting in no time when you think about for standing the Unconstitutional protest law.
Today’s protest was led by Mona Seif, the renowned activist and Sanaa’s sister.
Mona Seif and the women protesters holding lanterns and banners
"Salam Said" 
The numbers were higher than what I expected from what the eyewitnesses’accounts say as well photos on Twitter.
The protesters including relatives of detainees hold their photos as well small Ramadan Lanterns.
A group of policewomen came to the protesters and told them that it was better to leave because they were in Ramadan and so on but they insisted on completing the protest till the end.It took one hour.
On the other hand, the policemen harassed the journalists and photographers covering the protesters and took their cameras and mobile phones deleting their photos showing the protest like BBC journalist Farid Farid.
Shady Hussein : They took from my mobile phone and erased all the photos and videos I filmed for the protest demanding the release of the detainees. Farid was left to take photos later by his mobile phone.
According to him, the number reached to 100 and this could be unprecedented from a long time in that place. Many of them got sons and brothers who are in prisons now for political reasons.
Nevertheless, some photos made it online on the spot. I am updating the Photo gallery with more photos as it seems there is no media coverage for real for this important protest which reminds me of the Mothers movement in 1970s Argentina.

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