Sunday, June 21, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.4”

The tale goes on especially that the Sultan is asking all the priests in the city to read that Cursed lady’s strange manuscript deer skin. Tonight is the episode 496th from the radio show as well our 4th episode in this tale, the tale of the Cursed lady’s wall. You can hear the 15-minutes episode below and after the break you will find the synopsis in English.

The Sultan orders his vizier to get him the priests from all over the city in order to decode the strange letters on that dear skin found in the Cursed Lady’s wonder box with the golden lock. The priests failed. For many months charlatans, priests and scientists failed a big time.

To stop the crooks from wasting his time, he announced that whoever claimed to know how to decode the manuscript and fail, would face the death sentence. No one showed up after that.

Angry for the money he spent on the box, the Sultan summoned the old Cursed lady who once again defied him with her strong logic and cared less for the Sultan or his angry wife. “Why are you so angry ?? Did not you buy the box without even seeing what’s in it ???” She asked the Sultan when he asked her to take back the box and return back the money she got.

Just as they were debating, they found an old man coming to the Sultan’s palace claiming that he could decode the manuscript. “This is what I have been learning all my life,” he said adding that he would not lose anything.

“If I fail in decoding then I will live but if I succeed then I will die,” He told the Sultan.

Tomorrow inshallah we will know if he fails or succeeds.

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