Monday, June 22, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.5”

And the old man begins to read what is written on the deerskin introducing us to a new tale in the 5th night of “The Cursed lady’s wall”

The old man surprises everyone for understanding what is written on the deerskin in The wonder box which was bought by the Sultan from the cursed old lady.
 After reading a couple of words on the deerskin, the old man fainted scaring everybody in the Sultan’s court. When he returned back his consciousness, he told them that that deerskin was Mansour, the traders Shah Bander in the old city of God.
the message of Prince Nour to his father, Sheikh
The word “Shah Bander” commonly refers to the head of the commerce and traders guild in the old Arab culture.
The old Sheikh began to read the words on the deerskin.
The strange words are actually a message from Prince Nour to his father where he recounted his story asking his father not to look for him anymore because he was where he should be.
Then Prince Nour began to tell his own story. Despite being his only son, wise Sheikh Mansour was tough on his son. When Nour became a young man, his father ordered him to get a job immediately.
The next day following his order, he asked his son if he got a job and Nour that he was working at carpenter’s workshop and that he earned a whole Dinar. The wise Sheikh told him to give the Dinar and suddenly threw it from the window. Both Nour and his mother were shocked but then Mansour told his son to get a real job for real.
The next day same thing happened and another Dinar was thrown from the window. Nour was once again ordered to get a new job.

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