Thursday, June 25, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.8 ”

Sorry, I am late tonight.
Tonight we know how Sheikh Mansour began a very important chapter in his life,a chapter that would change his life completely. BY the way,one Egypt’s famous old drama stars, late Gamal Ismail was among the stars of the 8th episode of the Radio’s Arabian Nights.

BY the way the old audio player is back to the blog as I received complaints about the other HTML5 player in the mobile version.

And so Sheikh Mansour earned more and more money from the wicker bags he made using his
chemical mixture to the level that he got a lot of money, to the level that he decided to open a Spices shop selling spices from all over the world. 

Sooner his shop got bigger and bigger till became a big agency with several branches. Sheikh Mansour became the Shah Bander of traders in El-Gor city. 

At the same time his wife was dying to have a child, he was searching for the legendary spices land which nobody was able to reach. In One of the temples in the city of  Sanga, the wise Sheikh found a star map that would enable him to reach to that land through an Astrolabe and watching the skies. And the time came and the stars aligned in their correct position according to the old map

 It was the perfect time to head in an adventure to the legendary spices land despites all the myths about its dangerous seas full of monsters and strange creatures. 

Mansour was not scared to the level he decided to go in a fleet of ships opening the door for other traders. Despite her fear, Mansour headed in his adventure leaving his wife behind.

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