Friday, June 26, 2015

Save Shawkan , Esraa and Peter

I do not know what to do but we have to keep the noise for both photographers Shawkan , Esraa Mahfouz and Peter Youssef as much as we can for the sake of their health.
Shawkan , Esraa and Peter 

According to Freedom for Shawkan official Facebook, Mahmoud Abu Ziad aka Shawkan’s health is deteriorating rapidly as he is infected with Hepatitis “C”. He got it before his detention.
He is also suffering from anemia and lack of proper health treatment in the prison. On Thursday, Freedom for Shawkan Facebook page published a letter from Shawkan which he wrote from behind
the bars in Tora prison on 21 June. 
In the letter, Shawkan slams the decision of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s decision to pardon 165 detainees from youth arrested in protesting-related charges. Shawkan wonders why he was ignored in that presidential pardon when most of the detainees are released turned to be Pro-Morsi supporters and members of the Muslim Brotherhood when the regime attacks the Brotherhood day and night designated it officially as “Terrorist organization”. He also says in his letter 900 people were arrested with him during the dispersal of Pro-Morsi Rabaa sit-in and that almost all the member of the Brotherhood arrested with him were released , the prosecution is insisting to keep him and more than 300 others since then behind bars. Shawkan does not understand why the regime calls the MB members “terrorists” and releases them when it insists that he should stay in jail.
The freelance photographer calls his colleague from journalists to stand together to restore their rights.

رسالة شوكان الجديدة من "تُرَب طُرة" للصحفيين .. لا تكونوا كالثور الأبيض الذى أُكل يوم أُكل الثور الأسود!!أصدرت الرئاس...
Posted by Freedom for Shawkan on Thursday, June 25, 2015
Shawkan is still detained pending investigation.
According to a CPJ report issued on Thursday , the Egyptian authorities managed to break a record now and is holding the highest number of journalists in Egypt in jail the Committee to Protect Journalists has recorded since it started to follow the situation of journalism in Egypt in the 1990s.
Moving to Qanatar women prison, Freelance photographer Esraa Mahfouz is in a real danger to return back to the wheelchair and to lose her ability to walk normally once again after a year and half of successful physiotherapy.

في الزيارة ..اسراء بتقول لو فضلت شهر كمان منغير علاج طبيعي هتشل تاني والتعب الي فات في العلاج هيكون عالفاضي ، اسراء بت...
Posted by ‎آلاء الطويل‎ on Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Esraa had a daily session of physiotherapy, now after nearly a month her family is concerned. Not to
mention they are concerned more that their daughter is kept in detention along with criminal detainees accused of drugs and prostitution
According to Lawyers, Esraa is detained pending an investigation in State security case No.485 while her friends Sohip and Omar are detained pending investigation in military case No. 174. Yeah, those kids are facing hell.
The three friends 
Back again to Torah prison, 21 years old Peter Galal began to lose his sight due to the lack of medical treatment in jail. Galal was sentenced three in jail for illegal protesting after his arrest along other protesters last year when they organized an anti-protest  law rally near the presidential palace.
Peter Galal
I do not know what to say, but I wish those young detainees should be treated like Mubarak's cronies. Actually those guys should not be in jail in the first place. 

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