Friday, June 26, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.9”

We continue the quest of Sheikh Mansour and his journey to the Wonder Spices Isles and land that one reached before in our 9th episode of our tale “The Cursed lady’s Wall”.
Now before we go and know what happened to Mansour there is a very important announcement I have to make.
Gramafoon Online Radio service is coming be back again very soon. Yes it will be back online in the upcoming Eid

It is coming back online without any comprises to the government. More details will be revealed online.
Now to our episode.
By the way some friends say that the old player does not show up in iPhone and iPad’s Safari. To be honest I do not know which player to use and so I will post both players tonight.

After seven days in the sea , Sheikh Mansour managed to reach  the first island in Spices lands and
isles to find it inhabited by pygmies who gave him the spices he wanted. He returned back to the city of Gor to become even more and more richer. One day , a member of the royal family decided to sell his palace by the sea to Sheikh Mansour because he was the richest man in the city. Prince Zaatar was in a deep financial trouble and Mansour agreed to buy the famous palace known in the city as Al-Nour Palace. On the same day he bought the palace, his wife told him that she was pregnant and thus came Nour.
That was the tale of Sheikh Mansour as he told it to his only son Nour.
Now the father was proud of his son who found a job horse saddles maker , he told him that he would leave him to work in his modest job for one  year before joining in his big trade and work.

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  1. Excellent series Z. Nights of cool, peace and reflection after the broiling days on this burning planet.


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