Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.13”

Tonight our tale , the tale of the Cursed lady’s wall is getting more and more interesting especially we know that Seas Mermaid wants to reach her human lover , Nour at any cost.
I will leave you to listen it.

Nour is completely enchanted by that magical creature that saved him.
Meanwhile, Seas Mermaid decided to head to the infamous old Sea Witch with a sharp nose at the Kasfareet mount under the sea. The Little Mermaid wanted to become a human so she could go and find her love. She met the old evil witch who made it clear for her that magic had a price and she eyelashes, there would be three conditions.
By Edmund Dulac 
would demand a huge price for what she was asking for especially she was the daughter of the King. The Little Mermaid did not care and did not think twice when the old witch told her that to give her one of her magical
The first condition: She would give up her fish tail and the princess of seven seas said yes because she wanted legs without a second thought.
The second condition: She should know that she would be risking her life because if her human lover married another woman, she would die. Seas Mermaid  believed that Nour would not do it.
The Third condition: To take the magical eyelash, Princess Seas Mermaid would give up her voice.
Yes, she would give up her beautiful voice to the old witch. For the sake of love , the young Mermaid agreed.
The old witch took one of her old eyelashes turning it into a sharp needle and stuck it in the Mermaid’s body turning her in to a full human and transferring her to the mainland.
Seas Mermaid was on the beach crying without a sound when her love Nour found her. Unfortunately, he did not recognized her because she had legs and got no voice.
His parents came and saw that extremely beautiful mute girl who can not speak. Nour’s mother decided to keep the girl.
This Sounds familiar, is not it !?
Taher Abu Fasha  used to borrow from all the legends and famous fairy tales and fantasy books making his own fairy tales for this fantastic show.
Tomorrow we will know what happened. I am sure our tale is quite different than the original Hans Andersen's tale.

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