Monday, June 29, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.12”

It is a new chapter in our tale this year, the tale of the Cursed lady’s wall. It is the chapter concerning that beautiful mermaid who saved Nour last night.
Now listen to the episode because it is very interesting.

Our mermaid’s name was Seas Mermaid and she was the daughter of “San-Gor”, the king of the Seven seas and a human woman. Nevertheless, she was kept in the dark by her father and grandmother under the sea. She did not know that she was half-human.

She only knew the truth when she was speaking to her cousin “Sun-Hur” about that human she fell in love with. “Sun-Hur” revealed to her that her grandmother kept that secret from her by the orders of her father, the king. “Seas Mermaid” went to her grandma to ask about human mother. Her grandma refused to tell her anything at first but she revealed everything to her.

Her Father, King “San-Gor” of Seven seas could not bear a child. The Sea Wise men told him that the only way to get a child was to marry a human woman. The king kept looking for a human girl on the shore till he found one he liked but there was an obstacle.

He could not take her to the sea like that because she would die. The Sea Wise men to head to the famous Sea witch with a sharp nose. The Sea witch gave the mighty king one of her eyelashes which changed immediately into a needle.

“Take that needle and stick it into her skin,” she told him. The King technically kidnapped a young girl while swimming in the sea and stuck the needle in her skin turning her legs into a fish tail. The grandma revealed that Seas Mermaid’s mother died after feeling depressing for staying under the sea.

Seas Mermaid asked her granny about where that old Sea witch lived and she told her that she lived at the top of the Kasfareet mount in the sea. “Kasfareet is a military zone in Egypt near Ismailia governorate by the way”

Back on land , Nour speaks about one thing: Seas Mermaid and her love. His father brought to him doctors and priests but no use. He forgot princess Dalal and now he only spoke about that Mermaid. 

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