Saturday, June 20, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.3”

And the tale goes on and on.

After bringing down the wall as well the ruins of the old cursed lady’s house and finding a small box with a golden lock in a cavern underneath the wall and the ruins , the Sultan was on the verge of opening that box when the Cursed old lady appeared screaming “Stop”.

“Stop do not open the box , stop enough what you had done already” she said angrily , after all that mob led by that man destroyed the rest of her wall and her house as well stole her golden bar.

They also took the Wonder box as she called it with no right what so ever. She kept screaming angrily till Vizier Nooman attempted to calm her down as well intimidate her indirectly telling her that she was standing in front of the Sultan himself and she had to behave.

Caring less, she told the Sultan that as his subject he abused her rights. With no right, he took her home from her and ordered that her houses and wall to be brought down. With no right, he took her golden bar. With no right, he took her wonder box.

The Sultan told her that she was right and he would compensate her. First, she will live in a new house instead of the one destroyed. Second she will take back her golden bar and third he wanted the box but he wanted to know what was in it. She tells that if he wants a box then she will start an auction for the higher bidder.

 In that short auction, there were only competitors: The old cursed lady and The Sultan. The Sultan won the auction and bought the box for a huge fortune that made the Sultana made for real !!

In his palace,  the Sultan opens the Wonder Box with the golden lock with the help of a Jeweler who tells him that he had not seen a box like that from a long age. They open the box.They find in the box: A money pouch and deer skin.

There were strange letters inscribed into the deer skin that no one can identify. The Sultan orders his viziers to bring him priests to decode those strange letters.They find in the box: A money pouch and deer skin. There were strange letters

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