Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Blast That rocked Cairo and Giza : Italian Consulate

I have just woke up from minutes ago on a huge explosion sound that rocked both Cairo and Giza.
For several minutes, it seems online that the source of the explosion was in Downtown Cairo. People living there confirmed the news and it turned out that ambulances and police headed there.
Some say it was near the Supreme High Court in Downtown Cairo, but it turned out that it is at the Italian Consulate and center in Downtown Cairo.
The Italian Center facade destroyed in the explosion
David Degner
Yes a bomb, a huge bomb targeted the old Italian Consulate or rather the Italian Club and Center in downtown Cairo at Galaa street. Journalist Omar EL-Hady who went there say that at least one person was injured and that the bomb was planted outside the old building.
Here is its location in downtown Cairo.
Italian Consulate in Cairo location

I went there several times to dine at the Italian club and I can safely say that it is badly secured.
Here is an alleged video showing the moment of the explosion from October bridge which passes over the old Consulate complex.

تأثير الإنفجار على كوبري أكتوبر أعلى شارع الجلاء بالفيديو لحظة الانفجارشيررررررررررررررررالتونسى
Posted by Observers on Friday, July 10, 2015

This considered an easy target, but it is also the first foreign diplomatic target to be bombed like that in Cairo since the wave of explosions and bombing started following summer 2013.
According to eye witnesses , the explosion was caused by a bombed car. The remains of badly destroyed car shuttered in the area was found.
Here is another video by journalist Wael Mamdouh showing the citizens around it !!

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