Friday, July 10, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.23 ”

Seas Mermaid decided to kill herself instead of killing her beloved Nour.
She decided to throw herself to the sea and she did it already. Of course. something miraculous happened as later she was there telling her story to her Nour.

Seas Mermaid threw herself into the sea, but she did not land into the bottom of the sea but the
By Levine Helmer 
bottom of a cloud-transparent –like-carpet-thing whose four corners carried by four-winged beings. The four-winged beings were laughing and thanking Seas Mermaid for her kindness.
Panicked and unable to speak, Seas Mermaid wanted to know what happened and who they were.

The beings introduced themselves and told them their story, which is as old as the fight between good and evil.
The evil in the world was represented in the evil old witch of the sea while the good was not on earth but rather planet Venus where Queen Tahara “Pure” live. Queen Tahara has a long battle of good vs. evil with the old witch of the sea. She knows everything about Seas Mermaid and decided to save her and put an end to the evil witch.

The four beings took our little Mermaid on their cloud-UFO thing to Venus where she met Queen Tahara who praised her courage to save her love.

The good queen decided to save the Mermaid by clearing her body from the evil witch’s magic. The Queen brought her cat Mesmesh to sniff our freaked Mermaid to see if she still got that Evil Witch’s eyelash/needle in her arm and it did find it. Then the Queen of Venus brought a special worm that would extract the eyelash from Seas Mermaid and the worm did the job.

And in not time Seas Mermaid turned back to her Mermaid’s nature.
The Queen then took the eyelash to burn it in order to get rid of the evil witch of the sea once and for all.
Tomorrow inshallah we will know who survived the good vs. evil battle.

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