Sunday, August 2, 2015

#GUC students union members punished for defending their colleague's right

Do you remember what happened in the German University in Cairo following the death of student Yara Tarek in March? 
Do you remember when the security forces arrested in May three students from the GUC student union for the protests and sit-in over the death of their colleague? 
Well despite the three students were released later after huge news that reached to the level of
contacting the German Patron Universities and meeting with officials from the German embassy in Cairo , there has been unfortunate update last week regarding this issue.
The GUC administration has decided to expel one student permanently for his involvement in the sit-in.
Student Karim Nagib , the vice-president of the Student Union is permanently fired.
Student Hazem Abdel Khalek , the president of the Student Union is suspended for a year and half.
Student Hisham Al-Ashram , the former President of the student Union is suspended for one year
Student  Mohamed Tayel is suspended for one year
Student Omar Moslam is suspended for one year
Student Mahmoud Essam is suspended for half a year.
Student Alaa El-Attar is not allowed to use the University's services.
According to GUC's Insider newspaper, the students were demanded to apologize for what they had done during the Yara Tarek's sit-in but they refused because they did not do anything wrong.
The students stood for their rights and in return they are being punished.
You can read more about it here. 
I think I said it before, this is more than Yara Tarek issue, it is about teaching the students and youth in Egypt not to dare to stand for their rights.

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