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Kodak Agfa Presents A Night at Khan El-Khalil

Last Ramadan just like many Egyptian families, I visited Khan El-Khalili with my family where we had our breakfast and spent very good time there
Million of Egyptians go to Khan Al-Khalili and Al-Hussein area in Ramadan to pray and to spend a real good time.
As usual I took more dozens of photos for this beautiful place Islamic Cairo. I went there before in 2012 and I took couple of photos but this time I took more.
Anyhow without further talk, Kodak Agfa proudly presents Khan Al-Khalili 2015.
Originally built as a Market in the time of the Mamluks from 6 centuries ago at least, Khan El-Khalili is still keeping its character for real in the ever changing Cairo. Of course now it is a touristic attraction with bazaars attracting foreigners more than locals, yet it is still active.
Of course in Ramadan, it had more Egyptians than any other nationalities.
The Khan El-Khalili official alley sign inside the market itself on Sultan Al-Ghuri gate
I do not know the historical reason why you can find Belly dancers suits in Khan El-Khalili but they attract tourists whether Westerns or Arabs very well.
Traditional, short and sequin belly dance suits in a shop at the entrance of the Khan 
Of course besides Belly dancers shiny suits  you can find traditional cotton galabiyas and scarfs with their traditional and oriental prints.
Tradition galabiya inside the Khan

Copper products are everywhere whether lanterns or copper handmade shiny plates like those below.The copper products are made in workshops inside and nearby the Khan.
Copper plates
And more Shiny souvenirs.
Animal souvenirs 

Bags and duffel bags
Old style bags and duffel bags
And the leather bags made of natural leather here are popular than any other thing.
Backpacks and satchels are available in all sizes and colors, well you won't find pink there
The silver accessories displays here are the Egyptian girl’s greatest dream comes true especially they are much cheaper than accessories and silver shops in Cairo.
Tons and tons of accessories 
The hookah aka Shisha in different sizes and shapes.
Shisha is here
And I found the famous Russian Matryoshka dolls there too !!
This was not her place !! 
I can not totally figure out what was inscribed on that gate which leads to to a path full of tiny workshops except that it includes praises to God and a mention about Prince Soliman Agha El-Slehadr and year “1225” or “1235” Hijiri. 

Prince Soliman Agha was the man who was responsible for  arming the Egyptian army during Mohamed Ali rule in the 19th century. 

He built several buildings in Egypt and got a mosque bearing his name in Moaz street , Islamic Cairo. Soliman Agha passed away in  1261 Hijri/1845 AD.
Inside the Prince Soliman Agha. 

Inside the gate 
From inside 
Now one of my favorite places in Khan El-Khalili which I regard as visually amazing in that old caravanserai is that the old Bab Al-Ghuri, which seems to be a magical gate or portal to another time at night when the small lamps and chandeliers shops inside it light their lamps and chandeliers
Bab Al-Ghuri 
Bab El-Ghuri at night looks magical 
A Lady checking the lamps in Bab El-Ghuri
Lamps and chandeliers make it more magical
That chandelier is very popular in Khan El-Khalili made of Copper. 
Alien Colored Eggs !! I want to buy one. 
Those egg-shaped colored lamps are popular in Khan El-Khalili as it seems.
Here is Bab Al-Ghuri from inside in the afternoon.
This is how it looks in the afternoon
Its ceiling is just amazing.
The ceiling is amazing
I am trying to read what is written on that column but I have failed, nevertheless the number inscribed below is 1350. I assume it is yea 1350 according to the Islamic calendar.
1350 Hijri years was 1931.
Arabic inscriptions
Another gate I found there is the Bab El-Badistan Gate.  
Bab El-Badistan Gate
Amazingly I found on twitter an old photo for the Bab El-Badistan Gate in 1967 according to Arabian Aid twitter account.
Al-Badistan Gate in 1967
I could not stop myself from comparing it with the photos I took for Al-Badistan Gate in 2015.
In 2015
By the way ,the old building on the left of the Al-Badistan gate in 1967 is now a fancy restaurant called “Naguib Mahfouz” which I highly recommend.





Here is the complete photo album from Khan El-Khalili.


  1. مصر ام الدنيا وحتبقى قد الدنيا

  2. Egypt Is Amazing
    I like to come back to Egypt

  3. I've been following your blog for a few weeks, and it is perfect! It's a great source of news and cultural information. Thank you!

  4. Excellent slide show, Z. One of your best.

  5. wonderful pics. can´t wait to visit the Kairo bazaar soon.


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