Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hungarian Camerawoman, meet your Egyptian Twin !!

Do remember the infamous Hungarian Camera woman who was filmed  kicking and tripping refugees at the Hungarian borders and became the most hated woman only ??
Well her name is Petra László and after being slammed by all the languages of the world and being fired from work, she apologized.
Now this Hungarian lady got an Egyptian Twin sister and this twin sister is called Reham Saeed.
The only difference between Petra and Reham is that Reham is a TV Host star in Egypt
Mrs. Saeed, who got a very popular tabloid TV show “Sabeya El-Kheir” with tons and tons of commercials and sponsors even toppled Ms. László when it comes of being a mean queen, true mean queen
Saeed covered with the Egyptian flags
From a couple of days ago, Saeed who is a strong Pro-Military Pro- El-Sisi supporter aired a special episode from Lebanon.
It was recorded weeks before.
The White Oprah/Angelina Jolie-wannabe appeared in the show distributing aid in Syrian refugees camp in a humiliating way in order to demonstrate how lucky Egyptians were under El-Sisi’s rule.

Showing Syrian refugees fighting over aid and clothes, Saaed while wearing the Egyptian flag with sad eyes and sad face said many things like the following:
These are the people who wasted their country with their political strife , these are the people who are divided. This is the destiny of the people when their country is lost. Look how they left their children and ran to take the clothes pushing each others and beating each other !!!!
Disgusting by all measures.
Reham Saeed distributes aids at the Syrian refugees camp
There was a sad music in the background.
In the end, Saaed shows up saying
I want to return back to Egypt , we are civilized and polite people with high moral !!
Ironically anyone watches her show, will have an opposite idea about Egyptians.
I apologize to the Syrian people everywhere. This woman represents herself and does not represent the Egyptian people.
Many Egyptians got mad after watching this disgusting and disrespectful episode especially true and serious TV hosts like Yosri Fouda slammed Saeed over her disgusting remarks.

The veteran investigative TV host who worked in BBC , Al-Jazeera and ONTV described her in a very angry Facebook post on his personal account as something coming from one of the “Media sewers” in Egypt who should not speak on behalf of Egypt.

"السوريين اتبهدلوا و اتشردوا و بيشحتوا و إحنا حلوين و بنعطف عليهم و اللي مش عاجبه حالنا في مصر هنبقى زيهم .. حتى بصوا عل...
Posted by Yosri Fouda on Friday, September 25, 2015

Fouda never commented before using this tough language in his criticism to anyone in the media in Egypt despite all the attack he endured during his work.
He had already presented an important episode about Syrian refugees and the harassments as well ill treatment from media incitement after the ousting of Morsi in July 2013.
Yosri Fouda’s TV show was stopped on ONTV due to political pressures according to ONTV owner and founder Naguib Sawiris.
The Syrians also reacted and they had to. They attacked and sent her photos of very poor Egyptians humiliated while pushing each other in their attempt to get aid and food supplies from the Egyptian army.
She brought that to herself.
Now personally, I believe that Mrs. Reham Saeed loves that attention after all she is a tabloid TV host.
Cold and happy actually with the attention she created, she defended herself on her official Facebook page claiming that those who were rude and attacked her were actually ignorant !!
Saeed always claims that she is a good Samarian helping the poor and sick, the thing that earned her popularity among women as well specific classes in Egypt. Sadly enough, poor people with sick children always wait for her outside her studio in the Media city on a daily basis in the hope she would help them.
Reham Saeed says that she is doing good deeds for no specific agenda except for God’s sake.
Nevertheless what happened in Lebanon proves otherwise. Good Samarians do not move around with cameras or use people’s misery to send a specific message for a political agenda. She is an example of the classical typical Non-Islamist Right Wing in Egypt.
In fact if you see her show carefully, you will see a superficial woman where the show only revolves around her and her views.
Now as I hinted above Saeed is the Queen of tabloid TV in Egypt. For this merry occasion, I share with the top five outrageous  Saeed’s show episodes to give a clear idea about her.

The Exorcism of  Five girls in Tanta

TV history is made when Reham saved five girls in Tanta from demonic possession using the expertise of Islamic exorcist/charlatan/former NDP member Alaa Hassenein.
The exorcism of five girls in Tanta

Twins turn into cats in Upper Egypt

In Upper Egypt , there is an Urban myth that twins turn into cats and Reham investigates the matter hosting allegedly twins that turn into cats who eat the neighbors’ fish.
Twins turn into cats

A victim of rape got photos with her rapists !!

A teenage girl with raped by a group of friends who filmed her. Reham Saeed hosted her and showed the video as well photos showing that the victim was a friend to the rapist and acted improperly with them !! The victim and the rapists or rather suspects’ faces were not blurred.
I won’t post the video.

Hosting the  Dream Park dancing lady and teaching her a lesson in morals

From several months ago a video went viral online for a working class lady dancing “baladi” in public at Dream Park in Giza in some Eid , I think Sham El-Nessim.
Rahem Saeed rejected this immoral behavior and hosted the dancing lady to let her repent on TV !!
Dancing lady with Saeed

Interrogating suspects

Oh yes she loves to interrogate suspects at police stations and security directorate. Her question to the suspects in custody “ Do you regret what you did ?” has become a trademark. When it comes to her provoking interrogation, Saeed once interrogated bunch of teenagers arrested for allegedly being members in the Ultras football hardcore fans groups.
Raheem Vs. Teenagers.
The boys denied being Ultras members expressing their anti-regime political views boldly.
I do not know the fate of those 14 and 15 years boys, but they said that they were only playing football. I hope they are okay.

There is more of this TV misery every week.
Already she and her editorial team as well produced excelled in searching for the most outrageous stuff so she can speak about. Cheap tabloid as I said.
Egyptians are bad people like Saeed is trying to show the world unintentionally. Since last week, there have been lots of campaigns against her. It won’t affect her position because her show as I hinted above is successful, unfortunately.
Boldly she appeared on air slamming her critics above them Yosri Fouda claiming that he was seeking fame over her expense. She also bragged of being a "Military boat slave". Saeed also insulted the Syrians claiming that she did not insult them !!
There are several hashtags against her right now in Egypt like #Spit_on_Raheem Saeed and #Watch_her_Yosri which calls Yosri Fouda to watch her show because Saeed said that she would shoot herself if she knows that he watched her.
People are calling her show to criticize her and she is accusing them of being Muslim Brotherood members.

I know her show will continue but at least some people are standing against her and those who are like her 


  1. Delusions of ethnic superiority are common among many Sisi supporters. Their posts frequently propound such a viewpoint.

    Egyptian supremacist ideology, in the guise of military supremacism or through ethnic/racial supremacism, cannot be exported because it is inherently unappealing and repulsive to outsiders. Syrians, Libyans, Moroccans, and especially Yemenis do not believe that Egyptians are innately superior to themselves. They do not believe that the racist Egyptian regime has any right to torture and imprison foreigners at will on the stupid and racist basis that "they are all terrorists." Promoters of Egyptian supremacism are starting to cause a backlash where Egyptian nationals are viewed by some other Arab governments are potentially being agents of terrorism and genocide.

    There is, however, another trend which some Arab dictators promote simultaneously promote alongside supremacism, although it is essentially the opposite ideology..

    It is laughable that Arab dictators express surprise that some Iranians promote the Iranian nation as being superior to and more capable than Arabs when these same Arab dictators miss no opportunity to portray their own populations in the most negative and vile ways imaginable. There are consequences when dictators deliberately stoke the notion that their own people are squalid filth and subhuman savages. This is not hyperbole; they do this. Claiming that degrading and inhuman "security" measures have to be enacted because the nation is a terrorist cesspool that loves oppression and violence is a thinly-veiled way of saying that that nation is an abomination and an embarrassment to its leaders. It is not a rational way to deal with a terrorist threat. It is used to feed the ego of lunatics who pretend that they are fitted by nature to be superior to the population they control.

    But promoting this narrative is helping geopolitical enemies win against these dictators. See Iraq and Yemen for examples of how the GCC lunatics shot themselves in the foot. They forces they support are now deemed terrorists by significant portions of the outside world. Arab dictators helped bring about that scenario.

    Eventually, non-Arab Muslims, and even many Arab Muslims, will have enough of the insane idiots that rule Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, and some other of GCC's allies. These leaders are obsessed with dragging vast portions of the world backwards into new dark ages. They also are an important part of the reason why Salafism and other extreme viewpoints exploded throughout the Muslim world.

  2. I can't speak for Egypt, but some variation of this was pretty common in how people viewed Syrians in Morocco. Lots of people warned me against talking to, being near Syrians since they are viewed as inherently violent and unstable fanatics who destroyed their country and might destroy anything else they get close to. Much the same with Libyans. A number of Moroccans even had a smug sense that they'd done better than Tunisians for the first time since forever in not knocking their country back with revolutionary anarchy.


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