Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Esraa El-Taweel still remains in detention "Updated"

Esraa in an older photo 
And New Cairo Prosecution renewed earlier this week the detention of Freelance photographer Esraa El-Taweel for another 15 days pending investigation.
The next session , Esraa’s detention will  be reconsidered by a Criminal court judge because the temporary detentions limit is over according to the law. She has been in detention for 5 months so far !!
Updated : Now according to Esraa's lawyer , the prosecution actually did not determine an exact date for her session at the criminal court !!!!!!!!
Esraa has been in detention for more than 160 in detention accordingly pending investigation into accusation of being a member in the Muslim Brotherhood and sending fake news to defame Egypt abroad.
Hopefully inshallah, she will be released because this is too much.
BY the way speaking about Esraa El-Taweel and remembering her forcible disappearance, there are three journalists who have been arrested and detained in unknown locations.
Updated : 
Earlier this week , Esraa was allowed to have X-ray scans at Kasr Al-Aini hospital where she met her family and sisters.

By Alaa El-Taweel
Like any other young girls in the world , Esraa took a selfie with her sister Alaa.
Alaa and Esraa in a selfie :)

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