Thursday, October 29, 2015

#Egyelections : First stage’s runoffs searched for voters too

The first stage of Egypt’s parliamentary elections’ runoffs are over and now we got the results and indications.
First of all, the turnout was lower than the first stage’s turnout last week.
Usually, the runoffs got much lower turnouts but this time we got people who are totally uninterested in the parliamentary elections as well awful heavy rains.
Not to mention, many people did not know that there were parliamentary elections runoffs in the first place.
An empty polling station in Haram, Giza by Heba Farouk Mahfouz
Again it was higher in the villages and districts in Upper Egypt because of the clans and tribes’ power , nothing more.
I did not cover those runoffs, but journalists and photographers who covered them reported empty polling stations.
Checking the media reports and photos as well the interviews made on air at the polling stations confirm this.

This was an interview with the Egyptian armed forces’ security forces commander in Giza governorate on 27 October.

احتلينا اللجان والناخبين ما جوش !!
Posted by ‎صفحة جيل الثمانينات‎ on Tuesday, October 27, 2015
The Major General says that the armed forces “occupied” the polling stations since the night before and they were securing it. He added that they were waiting for voters, but the voters did not show up !!
Yes, the army forces “occupied” the polling station !! The man said it without realizing the irony in those few words.
The TV hosts did not scold the people for not showing up this because the parliament was already made !!
Oh yes it was already made according to close to Presidency / Anti-25 January TV host Ahmed Moussa who said in his TV show earlier this week that it was not a big that people are not showing up in the polling station because in the end that parliament is already made.
Ahmed Moussa : The parliament is already made
Are we back to the State security and Safwat El-Sherif’s arrangements with Parties in the parliamentary elections before the 25 January 2011 ??
God only knows !!!
Anyhow if you complete the rest of the video in Arabic, you would see how falsely Ahmed Moussa attacked my Constituency former MP Amr Shobaki claiming that he was supported by the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists spreading lies about him.
I did a quick poll on my twitter account about whether people participated in the elections runoffs on 27 October for 24 hours.

Only 97 tweeps voted.
14% said that they voted in the runoffs
86% said that they did not vote in the runoffs.
Even the results of the runoffs in the show that low turnout.
DW reporter in Egypt, Heba Farouk Mahfouz was reporting the results last night on its twitter account and it was interesting the following tweets from polling stations in Giza

This is just a simple example. Again the results in villages, in Upper Egypt were much higher for tribal and clan reasons.
The official results will be announced by High Elections committee on Friday. .

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