Friday, October 9, 2015

#Maspero Anniversary : We are not dead yet !!

Today is the anniversary of Maspero Massacre where not less 28 people were killed including 27 Egyptian Christians and 1 one military police conscript in the worst clashes between Egyptian people in general and military police in 2011. How can anyone forget the pleas of Rasha Magdy to the people to save the army from the Copt protesters ?? How can anyone forget Mina Daniel !?
Mina Daniel in Omar Makram mosque treated
after being injured on 2 February 2011 clashes in Tahrir
Well, it seems that except for that group that still supports and believes in 25 January revolution, people forgot sadly enough. I am not surprised about how most people forgot that bloody moment in our recent history thanks to the media. It seems that the mainstream media careless about the anniversary of Maspero as it used to be in the past.
I also noticed that shamelessly the Pro-military/Pro-regime newspapers like Al-Wafd newspaper boldly claims that the so-called social media activists blame the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists for what happened in Masepero in a very loussy and weak report !!
I am not surprised that this claim is spreading across the Pro-Military/Pro-regime media and the regime supporters because Pope Tawdros II himself said last year that what happened in Maspero was a “Muslim Brotherhood plot” !! In an interview with Sky News Arabia, the head of the Egypt’s Orthodox Church claimed the Brotherhood pushed the protesters to the military police and then withdrew leaving them to be killed !!

I do know what to say. We all know and witnessed what happened then during that day. People should not lie especially people like the Pope with my all due respect. We have not died yet so you can change the truth
In case you forgot then I recommend to visit this blog “Maspero 2011” in Arabic for the biggest documentation on what happened on that day using video clips. There are videos showing the start of the clashes and I do not see any MB protester there.
What happened on that day was a crime against Egyptian citizens, a disgrace that would stain the Egyptian state before the Egyptian army for God knows till when. This disgrace will be wiped away through one thing: True and full accountability and justice.
Justice will bring true citizenship to this country.Justice and true accountability will end that awful polarization.
The families of the victims held a mass at Saint Mikhail church earlier Friday.
Later the Maspero Youth Union group held a small event near Maspero where the massacre happened where they released balloons with the names of the victims into the air.
The balloons of martyrs Mina Daniel and Gerges Rawi
"Maspero Youth Union FB page 
One day justice will prevail inshallah.

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