Friday, November 20, 2015

Beyond the Schweppes Bomb secret

And ISIL aka Daesh revealed the secret behind the crash the Russian Plane in Egypt and ironically a Schweppes Golden can be allegedly behind it !!
The militant group claimed responsibility for the crash of the Russian plane officially in the 12th issue of its Dabiq magazine  revealing its secret: An improvised explosive device in a soda can be
planted on the board of the doomed plane.

A screen cap from Dabiq magazine 
Yes according to the Forward of the glossy militant magazine, the militant group “discovered a way to compromise the security at the Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport and resolving to bring down a plane belonging to a nation in the American-led Western coalition against the Islamic State, the target was changed to a Russian plane. A bomb was smuggled onto the airplane”.
The IED bomb was allegedly made of C-4 explosives planted in a Schweppes Gold soda drink “Pineapple flavor”

It is worth to mention that Daesh-affiliated group “Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis” {ABM} claimed responsibility for that twice.

The Sinai-based group which started as Al-Qaeda affiliated group then swore allegiance in 2014 to Daesh claimed responsibility of the same day, but most analysts thought that they were bluffing because at first it was believed that they downed by a missile.

The group which named itself “Sinai” province issued another statement claiming responsibility for the Plane’s crash but refused to reveal how.

Of course , they say that they did to avenge for the Russian air strikes in Syria against ISIL.
The official Egyptian-led investigation team has not announced yet the reason behind the crash that killed over 200 people, mostly Russians.

Last week, the Russian FSB announced officially that the plane was bombed and its experts believed that “ self-made explosive device equivalent up to 1 kg of TNT was set off on board”
Before the Russians, the British, US and Israeli intelligence hinted out to this possibility.

The possibility that the security was compromised at Sharm El-Sheikh international airport and a bomb was planted on the board of the Russian Plane was behind the reason of banning temporarily British and Russian air flights to the famous sea resort in South Sinai.

On the other hand, the Egyptian government says that it is taking in consideration the possibility that the Plane was bombed.

There is no official reaction from the Egyptian government regarding Daesh’s statement.

Now, there is something else Daesh bragged about in its militant glossy magazine for its western supporters.

It showed copies of Russian passports allegedly belonged to the late passengers retrieved from the crash site.
A screen capture from Dabiq magazine 
We do not know if those passports or that passport to be accurate is original one or not.

Still if the ABM really retrieved the passports from the site then that their militants in North Sinai messed up the crash site before the arrival of the Egyptian armed forces and they probably left traces on the sand.

This means that important evidence could have been lost.
Either ways , I feel that it is another slap on the face of the Egyptian security whether you like or not.

Now you got the Russians "With one of the biggest intelligence agencies in the world" saying that it was a bomb and Daesh itself claiming responsibility for that bomb. I do not know what the government or Sisi administration needs to admit that there was failure.

A group of Pro-Sisi supporter and Conspiracy theory advocates say that the photo of the Schweppes IED was an old one using Google Images, but any geek can prove them wrong.

Anyhow, I see some Pro-Sisi supporters began to accept that the Plane was bombed, but it was not ISIS that stood behind it but rather Turkey !!

Still there is a serious talk about how possibly a small soda can carry what is allegedly equal to 1 Kg of TNT and brings down an A321 airbus plane from 30,000 feet.

I am not expert in explosives nor physics, but I am reading reports on how a can like Schweppes gold can carry C-4 explosives and blows up a Plane on a specific altitude.

A Former Egyptian armed officer called Ahmed Shafik wrote about this in Arabic and actually he makes sense about that.

Now, Coca-Cola Egypt spends millions every year and I bet they do not imagine or want that kind publicity where news wires services worldwide use “The Schweppes bomb” in reference to what allegedly brought down the Russian airliner and killed its passengers.

Sadly enough, Schweppes is known in Egypt with its catchy advertising campaigns about the “Secret of Schweppes” that makes so tasty. Now, it is the can that brought down a plane and killed over 200 people.

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  1. Bomb in a drink can ? Not new. A British expatriate was blinded by a bomb in Riyadh : a soft drink can placed behind windscreen wiper of car. The victim was subsequently coerced into confessing participation in a violent mafia style alcohol distribution network.


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