Wednesday, December 16, 2015

An Islamic Sunni Military coalition.. What, When, How !?

Late last Monday, at about 1 am Cairo Local time news hit the wire that Egypt suddenly joined a Saudi-led Islamic Sunni military coalition along other 33 Islamic countries against terrorism.
It was a sudden announcement for real at the Mid of the night for real, at least for the public in those 33 countries aside from Saudi Arabia.
Now since the Saudi Deputy Crown’s announcement, there are several questions in my mind.   
  1. Does this military coalition have to do with John McCain and Lindsey Graham’s suggestion to have 100,000-strong ground forces from Sunni countries like Turkey and Egypt to fight Daesh in Syria and Iraq !?
  2. This is Islamic military coalition is a bit sectarian for me as it is “Sunni Islamic military coalition”. Aside from the Saudi-Iranian rivalry, this can enforce radicalism in Islamic countries but enforcing the notion that Shiites are not Muslims..etc. The Shiites are also from the victims of terrorism whether in Iraq or Saudi Arabia.
  3. What is the position of Syria and Iraq from that “Sunni Islamic military coalition”? Iran is an ally to both sectarian regimes in both countries. Daesh is mainly based in both countries.
  4. What is the position of Al-Qaeda from that military coalition !? Al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization in most countries, but recently it fought along the Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen against both Houthis and Daesh !??
  5. What is this mechanism of such coalition in the first place !? Aside that it is Saudi-led and it is Sunni club based in Riyadh as it seems, how things are going to be !? Are we going to have ground forces or air forces strikes against terrorist organizations whatever they are and where ever they are !?
  6. I assume that some of the Islamic countries have got constitutions that say their presidents and kings should consulate their parliaments before joining such coalition like for instance in Egypt !? I read that the Prince Mohamed Bin Salman spoke about that point, but I still do not get.
  7. Why does Lebanon participate in that coalition when it is not fully Sunni country !? In fact,  believe the majority of the Lebanese army is made up of Shiite !! I think participating in such coalition will complicate things in Lebanon. Will Saudi Arabia attack Hezbollah as a terrorist organization !?
  8. Palestine is participating in the Islamic Sunni military coalition when it is still not a full independent state. Of course, it can participate with intelligence.
  9. How will Egypt coordinate with Qatar and Turkey in that military coalition !?
  10. Will Egypt send troops abroad when North Sinai is still not under full control and Libya is technically a time bomb !??
On Tuesday, Saudi Deputy Crown prince and minister of defense Mohamed Bin Salman visited Cairo and led the Saudi delegation in the meeting of the Egyptian Saudi Strategic council.He held talks with El-Sisi about the new military coalition.
Prince Mohamed Bin Salman and Abdel Fattah El-Sisi
in Cairo "Egyptian presidency" 
Hours following his visit, the Saudi King declared that he gave his orders to increase the Saudi investments in Egypt to USD 8 billion and to provide it with oil and gas for five years.

I think within days our troops will head somewhere to fight somebody.  


  1. Something I'm wondering about is what happened to the proposed Arab League military force and how does it relate to this new coalition?

    1. It was postponed indefinitely if I remember correctly.
      I think that coalition "if it is a serious one" will replace it.

  2. It's decline by KSA,then UAE and other GCC members.

  3. "the notion that Shiites are not Muslims..etc."

    For your information they are NOT true Muslims. If the disgusting spectacle of their self-flaggelation is insufficient proof for you, why not google up some examples for their disrespect for Aisha bint Abu Bakr. They are beyond sick.

  4. Almost simultaneously with this announcement, there was a massacre of Shias in Nigeria by the Nigerian army. The current president of Nigeria, Buhari, once was involved in a coup and appears to adhere to a more conservative form of Sunnism.

    This could just be more brutality by corrupt political and military leaders, but many Shias appear to believe that the slaughter was encouraged by Saudi Arabia. The GCC states are starting to develop a progressively more damaging reputation.

    Wahhabis and Salafists are on shaky ground when they claim others are "not Muslims." An objective historical study of the source materials suggest that Quranism or certain forms of Sufism are more plausibly connected to early Islamic practice than is the mechanical approach of Wahhabism. Who is to say that Ibn Taymiyyah was more of a valid Muslim than Mansur al-Hallaj or Kabir? For some reason, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, a lot of people seem to assume that the hadiths favored by the hardline sects are more valid than, say, those of the Ibadis, or that hardline premodern scholars supposedly represent more genuine adherence to early Islam. This is somewhat like certain Baptists' or Catholics' views of other forms of Christianity.


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