Tuesday, December 8, 2015

And we do have a diplomatic crisis with Sudan after all !!

Do you remember when people start to feel that there was something wrong with our relation with Sudan lately ? Do you remember that incident of that Sudanese citizen who was tortured in a Cairo police station and his case caused a crisis between Egypt and Sudan from couple of weeks ago ? During then , some people in Cairo said that there was no crisis in Egypt and Sudan adding that the Muslim Brotherhood was behind those rumors of crisis !!
Well it turned out that this crisis was actually the tip of an ice-berg or rather the start of a bigger crisis. Remember how I hinted out that the Sudanese media was unexpectedly highlighting it and that there was something going. Well, here it is crystal clear.
On 5 December in a special interview from Dubai on Al-Arabiya News channel , Sudanese President Omar El-Bashir said that Hala’ib triangle was a Sudanese territory and that Egypt occupied it in 1995 adding that it was a main issue between the two countries.
Omar El-Bashir : Hala’ib was occupied by Egypt in 1995
He also revealed that Sudan presented a complaint to the UN security council against Egypt for holding parliamentary elections in Hala’ib triangle. BY the Egypt is officially a member of the UN security council in its current term.
Also Hala’ib tribes have been participating in both Egyptian and Sudanese elections for a long time. Most Egyptian and Sudanese people ignore that fact thanks to the media.    
It seems that we got a big crisis with Sudan , it is not about Sudanese citizens’ abuse in Egyptian police stations.
First I spoke about Hala’ib triangle dispute several times in my blog since 2010 using my great Grandfather geography book.
Omar El-Bashir , who is officially a wanted war criminal international is playing some sort of a game with the current Egyptian administration just like he did with Morsi administration and Mubarak administration.
Omar El-Bashir with El-Sisi earlier this year
in Sharm El-Sheikh during the economic conference
"Egyptian Presidency" 
Yet this time , he is using explicitly the Grand Renaissance Ethiopian Dam talks as a leverage.
Anyhow, it seems that the Egyptian administrations got no problem in working with that war criminal until he starts acting like that every single time !!!!
Personally, I said it before. I believe Hala’ib triangle is Egyptian territory but we can create an economic zone or open border zone between Sudan and Egypt in this area like before where everybody wins. 
What amazes me is that this man announced that announcement while he was in a visit in UAE , El-Sisi’s biggest supporter in the region if not the world.
Some hint out that his statements in Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya News TV channel were another sign that the relations with the Saudi Kingdom were not okay.
I am waiting to see the next move from Egypt honestly.
So far Egyptian officials in the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs including the official spokesperson refuse to comment in the media.
On the other hand , the mainstream media including the State-owned newspapers and websites began to publish the same reports of the Egyptian identity of Hala’ib triangle along with interviews with the Chieftains of tribes there to say that they are Egyptians.

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