Thursday, December 10, 2015

Journalists in Cairo say that they are going treat and release their detained colleagues

The Freedoms committee in Egypt’s Journalists syndicate in Cairo launched a campaign earlier this week and it is called “We are going to treat them and set them free...Journalism is not crime” in order to release 32 journalists currently imprisoned and detained  in Egypt.

On Wednesday, the committee organized its first stand at the famous journalists syndicate's staircase demanding the release of those 32 journalists including Photographer Mahmoud Abou Zeid “Shawkan”.
The stand at the Journalists syndicate in Cairo by Amira Howaidy 
The stand at the Journalists syndicate in Cairo
" Freedom of Shawkan FB"
Mahmoud Abou Zeid “Shawkan”, the freelance photographer has been detained for more than 800 days now. After few days, he will stand in front of a court at last.
The photos of Shawkan dominated the stand
"Momen Samir" 
The photo of Political activist Ashraf Shehata
who was forcibly disappeared in January
was also there "Momen Samir"
Shawkan has been detained since the dispersal of Rabaa in August 2013
while doing his job "Momen Samir" 

The stand was attended by a group of Egyptian journalists, photographers and human rights activists.
The Freedoms committee says that that stand was the first step in its protest against the detention of those journalists.

Posters of other journalists like photographer Omar Abdel Maksoud
and Youssef Shaaban were there "Freedom for Shawkan" 
The Freedoms committee also held a press on Wednesday at the syndicate about the situation of the detained journalists as well political detainees in Egypt in general.

According to famous human rights activist Aida Seif , the head of Nadeem Center who spoke in the press conference, the center recorded about nearly 307 medical negligence since the start of 2015 till the end of the November. She also added that during that period 77 people died during their detention.

Tonight on the occasion of the Human rights Day , the Freedoms committee will hold a presser about the Forcible disappearances and torture in Egypt.
Back to Shawkan , the young freelance photographer who is suffering from Hepatitis C sent a letter to the world earlier this month.

Amnesty International published the letter. 
Here is what it says

In the next few days, finally I’m going to at least know my destiny. But, I do not know: how am I feeling? In no way do I feel like it will be my justice day.I do not want to disappoint you, I am just trying to be real. In my country we have lost meaning of that kind of words.Of course after more than 850 days in the black hole without fairness and justice, I am lost in limbo.Just because I was doing my job as a photographer. I am in jail without even knowing why am I here?! I’m sorry to tell you that “I became a person of full of hopelessness.”This is my new me. However, I keep resisting my new me because of you and only because all of you, all the people and all supporters who are standing by me.You keep me feeling that I’m not alone. You all have become my power and my energy and without all of you I cannot go through this.I want to send my deep love and respect and my appreciation of all what you are doing for me. I feel so lucky to have such kind people like you. And indeed it’s my honor to count you as my friends.“KEEP SHOUTING, JOURNALISM IS NOT A CRIME”
ShawkanTora Prison1.Dec.2015

I have nothing to say more except praying that he will be released inshallah in the first session in court.  

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