Friday, December 4, 2015

That was a nightclub fight in Agouza , not a terrorist Attack "Updated"

That moment when you realize that your neighborhood is making headlines worldwide .. for all the wrong reasons, unfortunately.
Earlier Friday at nearly 6 AM, at the Upscale Nile Street in Agouza a fire broke out at a nightclub killing and injuring a number of people.
Soon enough, it turned out that the fire broke out due to a Molotov Cocktail attack.
Unfortunately, 16 people were killed in the attack including 5 women and a child. Do not ask me what a child was doing there. Three others were injured.
Now I live in this area and this place actually just three blocks away or even less from where I live.
It is not a big nightclub,  it is not known to many people as a nightclub because it has got the sign of a seafood restaurant "Al-Siyad"
It is a tiny shady place.
From Andalou news agency 
It is not “Flying Fish” restaurant which is located at the same street as too many people confused between the two places.
Unfortunately, foreign media took the news as a bomb attack because BBC reported that it was a fire ‘bomb’ and we are currently in the terrorism frenzy.
It is not a terrorist attack, it is a fight between the owner and some people according to the owner of the nightclub himself.
Now I got two questions on why there was no safe exit in that place and why a fight would escalate to the level of the Molotov attack like that.
Updated :
The security forces arrested two suspects accused of throwing the Molotov cocktails at the place. The two fled Cairo and were arrested in Suez. The first suspect is 18 years old and the second is 19 years. They are from Imbaba, the low Working Class populated area neighborhood. According to Press, they said that they did because the bouncer refused to let them in because they looked from a poor class.
This is the saddest thing I have read. 

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  1. Asalamu Alaykom,

    Thank you for your insight---from three blocks away no less! It's so easy to assume that any mass death in a country (be it Egypt or America) must stem from a terrorist attack. Yet, the petty motives from individuals are often to blame instead. I hope those responsible are found and sentenced appropriately.


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