Saturday, December 5, 2015

#Egyelections : Final results of Parliamentary elections 2015

And the High Elections Committee “HEC”” announced the final results of the Parliamentary elections 2015 on Friday.
The second stage of the elections’ runoffs were held last week already.
Now to the big results, to the big official numbers.
From a polling station in the elections

The average turnout in the parliamentary elections 2015 reached to 28.3% where 15,206,100 out of 53,786,762 eligible voters.
This is independent MPs parliament as 316 independent MPs were elected while 239 party affiliated MPs were elected

According to the official results, 21 parties made it to this parliament. The Free Egyptians Party made a historical victory with 65 seats yet the Liberal party does not have the enough seats to form the majority nor to form the government according to Constitution and House of Representatives law. It needs over 300 seats to form the government. This actually was expected since day.

The second big surprise in those elections was the landslide victory of the New Future of Homeland Party that is led by a 25-years ambitious young who wants to become Egypt’s PM. The Pro-Sisi party is believed to be the next NDP in its own way.
In the upcoming two weeks, there will be elections in four constituencies.
I did a quick comparison between the parliamentary elections in 2011 and 2015. Of course in 2011, we had a historical turnout comparing to 2015.

It is also worth to mention that we had different elections and people’s assembly laws with a different system than the current elections and House of representatives law. One of the main difference is that we had a better Party Proportional list system that allowed bigger representation for the parties than in 2015.
I did a small comparison between the parties that made it in the parliamentary elections in 2011 and in 2015.
Of course, the map changed completely. We used to have an Islamist domination in the parliament whereas we have a Nationalist domination when it comes to the parties this year. From economic views , we are still having a Neoliberal policies domination in this parliament.

Only 8 parties made it from 2011 People’s assembly to 2015 House of Representatives. Those parties are: Free Egyptians Party, Al-Wafd Party, Egyptian Social Democratic Party, Reform and Development Party, Freedom Party, Tagammu Party, Conservative Party and Democratic Peace Party.

Al-Wafd Party and Egyptian Social Democratic Party lost seats.
It is worth to mention that NDP offshoot parties achieved to secure seats through the “In Love of Egypt” List.
The Pro-Sisi "In Love of Egypt" List secured all the List-based seats , the 120 seats in the House of Representatives.
It is expected that the Non-party affiliated members in the list are going to form a parliamentarian coalition to be supportive to Sisi of couse. 


  1. 28.3% turnout, there having a laugh. It would have been a struggle to believe if they had announced 15%.

    1. True , many people if not most of the people find it hard to believe those numbers

  2. Great graphics and interesting results. Without the NDP, who forms the military aligned party (or equivalent)? Cause the Free Egyptian Party looks like a combination of liberlism and Nasserism

    1. Thanks Keith.
      Now regarding your question. The party that is believed to be NDP in making is Future of Homeland party definitely. Of course most of the parties in the parliament are Pro-regime as most of them are offshoot-NDP parties.
      By the way Free Egyptians Party members will be offended if they know that you associated them with Nasserism. They are anti-Nasser party despite being Nationalists in their own way. I can describe them as similar to the Republican party in the States. In fact , Naguib Sawirs , the founder of FEP once expressed his admiration with Donald Trump. This gives you an idea on their mentality.

  3. Great work ya Z.

    I am very suspicious about the turnout though. This overshadows the transparency of the elections results. Regardless of that, it doesn't make any difference since no opposition was running. This is reminiscent to the parliamentary elections during Nasser Era, for which Sadat was the parliaments speaker!

    You know, The Venezuelan opposition has just won their parliametary elections! There is some hope after all, if we don't slide into Argentina's bloody fate as that article in AL Masry Al Youm was referring to!

  4. Any Egyptian who admires Donald Trump after having examined what he is really like must be out of his/her mind. Besides the fact that Trump has little clue about political matters, he does not whatsoever like or admire Egyptians.

    If there is such a love for a egotistical dictatorial figure, what was the point in overthrowing the monarchy? It was fairly bad, but nowhere near as hideous as what followed it. Kind of pointless to replace a throne with a more extreme form of autocratic personality cult.


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