Egyptian Chronicles: Watch This : “Siwa” by Abdel Rahman Gabr

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Watch This : “Siwa” by Abdel Rahman Gabr

As the weather is getting cold in Giza, I love watching video clips from summer and warm places in Egypt.
I think I will seize this opportunity and post here this wonderful video made by Abdel Rahman Gabr for his upcoming book “Faces of Egypt”.

Faces of Egypt ( Siwa ) from Abdelrahman Gabr on Vimeo.
That video was shot in Siwa oasis.
It is very beautiful video. I really love the work of Abdel Rahman Gabr
Here are some photos Gabr released online from that beautiful quiet place in Egypt.

A young man from Siwa by Abdel Rahman Gabr 
An overview for one of the lakes in the oasis
by Abdel Rahman Gabr
An amazing scene for the Milkyway Galaxy in Siwa by
Abdel Rahman Gabr. Zoom into the photo to see a comet flying by 
I hope Siwa remains as it is, I hope it remains safe.

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