Monday, January 18, 2016

A Hope For many families and yet a false hope for others

Earlier Monday, Egypt's National Council For Human Rights "NCHR" published the report it got from the Ministry of interior "MOI" regarding the fate of Forcible disappearance cases in Egypt in details, after the initial MOI statement in early JanuaryE.
The official NCHR stated it referred 191 complaints documented forcible disappearance cases in Egypt. The MOI replied and revealed information about 118 cases as follows:
  • The MOI released 15 people following investigations
  • There are 99 people currently detained people in different cases and in prisons
  • There are 3 people from that list that are on the run
  • There is one case "a lady" that escaped from her family in the list.
The NHCR also revealed it reached to the fate of three other cases in the list with no involvement of the MOI but with the help of their families
Accordingly, the fate of 121 people disappeared in strange circumstances in the past few months was determined. Yes, the majority of the 121 names is found in detention but at least, their families know where they are now. It is a new hope for them
Again that official statement is the best answer for the claims that the majority of the forcible
Maha Makawy, the wife of Ashraf Shehata
"Freedom of the Brave" 
disappearance cases are for young men who fled the country to join ISIS.
Here is a complete list of names found by the NCHR
Sadly for hours, people thought that Ashraf Shehata, a Constitution Party member who went missing for almost 2 years now was found in the list and he was located at Zagzig prison.
 Unfortunately, it turned to be another inmate with a similar name according to the MOI.
The MOI claimed earlier that Shehata left the country giving no further details for his wife Maha Makawy, who has not lost hope in finding her husband.
Mrs. Makawy spent 4 hours chasing false hope on Monday unfortunately. May God give her strength and patience.
I cannot imagine what she has been through.
Unfortunately, there is no news about the whereabouts of Mostafa Massouny either.
I hope that they are still fine because this is scary. 

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