Sunday, January 31, 2016

Be Like Christane Taubira

Taburia leaving the ministry last week "AP" 
This is Christiane Taubira
Christiane Taubira was the minister of Justice in France from May 2012 to January 2016.
Christiane Taburia resigned on 26 January to object the French President's draft law to strip French nationality from dual-citizens who are convicted of terrorism.
Christiane Taburia believes that it is unjust to do that and does not care for the wave of nationalism in France after a deadly terrorist attack in November
Christiane Taburia is fair and good.
Be like Christane Taburia.
This is Ahmed El-Zend

Ahmed El-Zend has been the minister of Justice in Egypt since May 2015
Ahmed El-Zend said during a TV interview on 27 January 2016 that he believed that for every fallen "martyr' from the Egyptian police and Egyptian armed forces, 10,000 Muslim Brotherhood members and their supporters should be killed "so the fire burning in his heart would die".

Ahmed El-Zend : 10,000 MB member killed for one police or army martyr

Ahmed El-Zend also added all the death sentences issued against the MB members above them ousted President Mohamed Morsi would be carried out after all appeals are exhausted.
Minister Ahmed El-Zend of justice
Ahmed El-Zend supports revenge over the state of law.
Ahmed El-Zend sues 6 journalists because they dared and accused him of financial corruption when he was heading the judges clubs with documents and evidence based upon Egypt's top auditing authority "Central Auditing Organization"'s Reports.
Ahmed El-Zend reported Egypt's top auditor Hisham Genenia to the prosecutor general on Saturday accusing him of insulting him and spreading false news about him.
Ahmed El-Zend has reported TV host Youssef El-Hossainy to the prosecutor general office on Saturday for insulting him and spreading false news about him.
Ahmed El-Zend proves from time to time that the Egyptian judiciary is not independent and politicized with his highly politicalized statements.
Ahmed El-Zend is slammed by former vice president and Nobel Peace prize winner Mohamed ElBaradei indirectly because of his statements.

ElBaradei "Constants : Freedom and human dignity are the basis for any society. Knowledge and values are the core for any future. Social Consuses is a necessity to build any nation. Justice is not revenge.

According to the ICC treaty : Any vast or systematical repression against any group of the civilians based on religion or politics , it is a crime against humanity.
Do not be like Ahmed El-Zend.


  1. "Christiane Taburia is fair and good. Be like Christane Taburia."

    Haha, No. Christiane Taubira is a hate-addled racist loon for whom no degree of Muslim immigration or terrorist coddling will sufficiently punish the French republic for existing.

    Z, I had thought your opinions had become gradually more centrist over the past couple of years, but I must have been mistaken.

    What has happened over the last couple of years, though, beyond any doubt, is that your writing has gotten much better. Maybe you got an editor, or maybe practice makes perfect, but keep doing what you're doing.

  2. مقال فى الصميم ...الأمل كبير فى الشباب الثورى الواعى .....الله يوفقك .

  3. Christiane Taubira might not be perfect, but she has had the courage of her ideas (even though I don't like all of these). In any case she is a thousand times better indeed than most African Ministers, wherever they come from.


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