Saturday, January 30, 2016

After two years in limbo, Mahmoud Mohamed should be released according to law

Two years and four days  have passed and Mahmoud Mohamed is still in temporary detention pending investigation after his arrest on 25 January 2014.
Mahmoud Mohamed in his first photo in court after
two years "Youm 7" 
According to the Egyptian Criminal law's article No.143, a detainee facing accusations that could lead to a life imprisonment or the death penalty must be released immediately if he or she is not sentenced within the pre-trial detention limit of two years.
More than 700 Egyptian detainees including Mahmoud Mohamed should be released according to this article, Amnesty International said in its statement issued earlier last week demanding the release of 20-years old student.
I know that Mahmoud's lawyers have already presented an appeal based on that article to the court to demand his immediate release and we are waiting to know its result.
Already on 6 January, a Cairo court renewed his pre-trial detention for another 45 days. With that renewal, Mahmoud will continue to spend 757 days in detention since his arrested on 25 January revolution.
According to my understanding of the law, Mahmoud should be released next time he stands in front of the judge because he is accused of a felony , aka riots and has not been referred to a court yet.
Earlier Friday, U.S ambassador to the UN Samantha Power demanded the release of Mahmoud Mohamed.

Currently, both U.S based Robert Kennedy Human rights organization and Amnesty International are holding international campaigns calling for the high school student release.
To remind with his case. Watch that short documentary made by the Guardian about Mahmoud.

I think it is time to release Mahmoud Mohamed according to the law.

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  1. Heartwarming video., thanks for posting it. I pray they release him soon.


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