Friday, January 29, 2016

Remembering #Jan28 in 2016 : A total different experience

Many Egyptians commemorated the fifth anniversary of the 28 January 2011 online, the true day of the Egyptian revolution in the 21st century to be precise and honestly, it was different this year.
It was different thanks to those tiny yet strong boys and their 1.59-minutes video that was the talk of Egypt in the past 48 hours.
Thanks to that campaign against Shady Hussein and Ahmed Malek in the media, most of the 25 January supporters remembered all those unbelievable moments on the 28 January 2011 where the Egyptian people revolted against Mubarak's security forces.
People saw the old faces that used the revolution in the 18 days are having a comeback to slam Shady and Ahmed and memories of those days were back.
Videos and photos were shared madly like fire as #Jan28 hashtag on twitter was trending for many hours in Egypt. People shared photos and memories of that Friday of rage from all Egypt, from all governorates attacking the ministry of interior reminding it that they have not forgotten .. nor forgiven.
The political powers and parties did not commemorate the Day of Rage and its martyrs nor did they organize any related event.
Egypt's minister of defense Sobhi Sedky visited Tahrir square only to check the security measures there.
Already army units have been protecting it since last week.
There was only one Pro-Sisi supporter holding a banner in Tahrir square on Thursday congratulating the Egyptian police for its day on 28 January and the police was standing against the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism.
Pro-Sisi supporter in Tahrir square on 28 January !! 
Still few blocks away, a small family from Giza stood alone to commemorate the #Jan28 and its martyrs in a silent stand on Kasr Al-Nil bridge which witnessed an epic battle between protesters and security forces.
The family on Kasr Al Nil
reminding the people with Jan28
That small family is the family of Sabah "Um Ali" and her children Sara and Ali.

Mrs. Sabah holding banner saying "Remember the Kasr Al-Nile bridge
where they prayed and got shot' {Facebook}
I do not know the story of Um Ali but it seems that her family is well known to several prominent activists in Tahrir square.
Mrs. Sabah's daughter Sarah holding
a banner "Friday of Rage anniversary' 
What I knew also that Ali is a young student from Al-Azhar university.
Ali holding a banner "Friday of Rage
Update: I found out that Ali was only 12 years old boy speaking about why he came to Tahrir square in 2012.
Ahmed Ali in 2012
They were not alone in commemorating the #Jan28 alone in public without any fear.
In Cairo, I found out that in the evening suddenly a young man appeared suddenly in downtown Cairo with a duct tape on his tape written on "Down with the military rule" and on his body duct tape written on it stuff related to the condoms incident of Malek and Shady.

ده بيحصل حالياً في وسط البلد قدام العبد شارع ٢٦ يوليو واحد بس من المصريين كلهم قرر يتظاهر!*الي حصل انه كان واقف مبيتحر...
Posted by Ahmed Yehia on Thursday, January 28, 2016
Ahmed Yehia saw the police arresting that young man.
Updated :
Here is a video of the young man who wrote the names of detainees like Mahinour El-Masry on his body.
He was arrested 8.30 PM CLT Thursday.
@11:09 PM : The young man's name is Karim Saad El-Dina and he was released thank goodness.

في ظل دولة القمع شاب يقف بالقرب من دار القضاء ويطالب بسقوط حكم العسكر بمفرده وسط وجود الغربان #يسقط_حكم_العسكر
Posted by Bassem Gamal on Thursday, January 28, 2016
By the way, he should not be arrested for breaking the protest law because he was alone.
In Luxor, Upper Egypt an activist called Ahmed Hegazy reminded the people in the street that it is still January revolution from his wheeled chair.
Activist Ahmed Hegazy in Luxor
'It is still January revolution"
There is something definitely going this time.
This reminds me that Sanaa Seif was not the only protester who reached to Tahrir square. On 25 January 2016, An old Pro-Morsi supporter went to Tahrir square and kept chanting anti-Sisi and anti-State security chants.
A Pro-Morsi supporter in Tahrir square on 25 January 2016
Video clips show that she was attacked by the Pro-Sisi supporters in Tahrir square. Some news reports say that she was kicked from the square but she was actually arrested and was interrogated by the prosecution on the same day.
She is accused of joining a terrorist group and incitement against police and army.
According to the MB media, her name is Aisha and she lost her husband and son in the dispersal of Nahda.
I have nothing to say more except Happy #Jan28 and glory to its martyrs and injured.

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