Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kodak Agfa presents : Sharkia's countryside

Okay people, here is the first Kodak Agfa photo story for 2016.
Despite those photos were taken in May 2015, I think this is the perfect time to share them publicly.
In May 2015, I went twice to Sharkia governorate, North Delta and took a couple of photos in the countryside there during a family visit there.

Sharkia governorate is already the third populated governorate in the country. I went to the town of Faquos, to one of its villages specifically.

Most of the population there work in farming just like they have done for thousands of years.


Despite big towns like Faquos can not escape modernity until the Egyptian countryside is still keeping its characteristics from thousands of years.
Still, the red bricks building are approaching indeed into the agricultural land madly.

Red bricks buildings coming closer and closer to the agricultural land 
This is the agricultural land after the winter harvest according to what I have been told
You can see new red brick houses as well the old mud huts with Satelitle antennas over it in a strange mix between old and new.
An old mud hut 
A mud hut that was repaired by red bricks 
An old mud hut 

I went during the mid-seasons where farmers complete harvesting their winter crop from wheat and are getting ready for their summer crops from rice.
Harvest kept in that place. I feel if winds blow up, it will be like gone with the wind
The harvest on spot
The harvest in the land

Some farmer already began to cultivate rice in the land. Most of the land is rented by the farmers for its owners annually.

The rice field 

Of course, my agricultural information here depends mainly on the answers I got for the questions I asked there.
Onion field 

Women their husbands in farming just they have always done in the Nile valley.

A lady farmer working in the harvest 
Transferring stuff to the field 

If women are not working with their husbands in the field, then they bring food to them in the fields.
Ladies resting in harvest 

I hope that you like the photos.
This is not my first visit to Sharkia as I went there to visit Fadel Island and the oldest community of Palestinian refugees in the country there in May 2013.
Stil it was my first visit to focus on the countryside in Egypt.
It was a beautiful experience and hopefully, I will be able to repeat it soon whether in Sharkia or any other governorate in North Delta or Upper Egypt.







Here is the complete photo gallery if you are interested to see it all.
Of course, this is not the best photo story about Egypt's countryside but it is my first

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