Sunday, January 3, 2016

So it is not all about joining ISIS

Last week, Egypt's National Council For Human Rights "NCHR" requested the ministry of interior officially to reveal its information about the documented case of 101 people in Egypt forcibly disappeared according to international standards.
On Saturday and on a phone interview on CBC TV channel, the ministry of interior's spokesperson police General Abu-Bakr Abdel Karm revealed 83 of those names sent by the NCHR were detained in cases already by security forces.
Head of NCHR former Nasser's minister Mohamed Fayek
with current minister of interior Magdy Abdel Ghafer
This is a very important statement because it reveals that the majority of those 101 cases documented by the State's official board for Human Rights are in the ministry of interior's custody and not in ISIS as the Pro-regime media and Egyptian officials claim.
Yes for months, Egyptian officials kept saying that the disappeared youth joined ISIS whether in Syria or Libya.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi himself said so in an interview with BBC Arabic last November
Since then the Pro-regime media kept repeating that as a concrete fact without asking questions about the youth who disappeared and appeared later in police custody or why on the first place that bad Egyptian youth joining ISIS were able to flee the country. 

The Pro-regime TV hosts like Khaled Saleh and Ahmed Moussa have reached the level of airing old videos for Egyptian ISIS fighters captured in Kobani from six months ago and showing Egyptian Al-Qaeda fighters arrested in KSA from 2006 claiming that there were among the reported cases of forcible disappearance in Egypt now !! Even if there is  a couple of cases involving young men who joined ISIS, it is not an excuse not to reveal their destiny for their families or the public.  

There was allegedly one case of a young man whose father and friends reported him missing and was believed to be forcibly disappeared but it turned out that he joined ISIS-affiliated Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis group in North Sinai. That young man already was among the militant attackers who killed a judge and two policemen in an attack on the Swiss Inn hotel in Al-Arish city during the Parliamentary elections in November.
That was the only case of its kind I have read about. 

One against dozens of cases like the case of Esraa El-Taweel and her friends or the case of Amr Ali, the current coordinator of April 6 youth Movement. Egypt's Journalists syndicate demanded to know the fate of journalist Mahmoud El-Sakka who was believed to be forcibly disappeared from 3 days ago.
On Saturday, the General prosecutor declared his detention for 15 days pending investigations on charges of allegedy publishing false news. The arrest of El-Sakka came as the latest of on-going crackdown by security forces against political activists before the next 25 January revolution anniversary.
BY the way, there has been no information whether official or non-official about Mostafa Massouny or Ashraf Shehata till that day.

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