Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cairo's black smoke

Why was there black smoke in sky of Cairo like that on Sunday !? It was too obvious even at night. Do not know the reason.
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  1. This is very likely an upper level condensation sheared by the wind. It doesn't look like a plane exhaust or fire. The colour is due to the twilight effect of the setting sun.

    The Jetstream (upper level winds) is a bit active over Northern Egypt and there is a bit of humidity up high (160 km/hr) at 10km altitude and humidity > 40%. It goes from West -> East.

    Apparently you were also driving, in an East -> West direction, parallel to the cloud as well.

    Data sources:
    Weather Balloon:

    Upper wind map (as of 2am 29/2/2016, updated daily):


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