Saturday, February 27, 2016

Something else happened in Abu Simbel Temple other than solar alignment

On Monday, Egypt had nothing to speak about how the sun failed to show up in Abu Simbel Temple's biannual solar perpendicular due to early mist.
Some considered it as sort of paranormal reaction on the claims of current minister of archeology El-Damati that the solar perpendicular in not less than 15 ancient Egyptian archeological sites in Egypt were just "mirage" and coincidence !!
While other considered it as a bad omen that the sun refused to show for the first time since thousands of years allegedly.
It has nothing to do with omens and actually it happened before, from a decade ago.
Anyhow personally, I believe there is other significant thing happened in Abu Simbel but the mainstream media does not want to cover it properly.
A group of Nubian Egyptians protested at Abu Simbel temple protested against a presidential decree that stands against their return to the land of Nubia they want to return to.
Part of the protest "Fatmah Sakory"
That group of Nubian Egyptians protested against Presidential decree No.444 which was issued in 2014 and was passed by the House of Representatives from a couple of weeks ago.
Presidential decree No.444 issued on 29 November 2014 designates 16 Nubian villages out of 44 villages as restricted military border zones with Sudan.

Those villages from the southern borders between Egypt and Sudan over 110km on the eastern side of the Nile and 25km on the Western side of the Nile.
You can read more about presidential decree 444 in Mada Misr in that important op-ed in Arabic by Nubian Egyptian activist Fatmah Emam Sakory
In a true victory for the Nubian Egyptians, the current Egyptian Constitution stipulates that the state works on developing and implementing projects to bring back the residents of Nubia to their original areas and develop them within 10 years in the manner organized by law.
But on the ground, there are not tangible steps to implement this. Instead, we found that Presidential decree which is unconstitutional according to my legal knowledge.
Interestingly, the authorities agreed on that protest.
Still, despite newspapers and news websites reported the protest yet it did not catch the attention of the political parties or powers or the MPs or the government as it seems.
As the Egyptian government celebrates the golden jubilee of Abu Simbel temple salvage operation, we all should remember the Nubian Egyptian rights and respect the 2014 Constitution.
Instead of investing of billions of pounds in mega-projects like in Toshka "I read the international bank and Saudi Arabic rejected to fund the project" let the Nubian Egyptians return back to their villages and land and they will reclaim it in less time and costs !!
That protest in Abu Simbel was a rare escalation from the Nubian Egyptian community. Currently, there is online campaign "NubaAgainst444" against Presidential decree no.444 on twitter and Facebook 

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