Friday, February 12, 2016

Talk to me about corruption in Egypt in time of Mubarak

This very important news or rather saga that came at the same of the fifth anniversary of the 25 January and it is a reminder to all of us on why the revolution happened in Egypt on 25 January, the national day of police in Egypt.
On 28 January 2016, we found news spreading throughout the news websites that the state restored back LE 178 Million in the ministry of interior corruption scandal that goes back to 2011.
The news goes like that: The public fund prosecution lifted 80 names of state officials from the travel ban list after returning back LE 178 Million back to the state. The state officials in that list are mostly from the ministry of interior in Mubarak's time.
In statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm that to be denied later, the investigative judge assigned to the case stated that those 80 officials returned back the LE 178 million after proving that they got it legally as "Rewards and bonuses" and that there was no criminal evidence against them.
Okay if they were legal "rewards and bounces", why would they return back !?
You must know that in the original case that is resurfacing in a very unexpected time speaks about state officials working in the ministries of finance, transportation, interior and the Accountability State Authority "ASA" who are accused of their influence to acquire gains amounting to LE 1 billion illegally during the time of Mubarak.
Anyhow from those former state officials, there are 73 officials from the ministry of interior alone. 17 names stand out above them the former minister of interior Habib El-Adly.
Among other names we got the following:
  • Former high state security police general Mohsen El-Faham returned to the state LE 37,540,313. El-Faham who is related to late Omar Suleiman is currently the leader of a new Pro-regime /Pro-Military party called "The Homeland's Guardian" which got 17 seats in the House of Representatives. An anti-25 January revolution advocate, El-Faham claims that he got all that money as bounces !!
  • Former Minister of interior aide and head of Cairo security directorate Ismail El-Shaar returned to the state LE 10,296,417. El-Shaer was acquitted of the killing of Jan25 protesters in November 2014.
  • Former police colonel Alaa Ibrahim, the media production manager in the ministry of interior paid back  LE 11,445,916
  • Former police general Ahmed Diaa El-Din, the former Minister of interior aide and former Minya governor paid back LE 3,116,540
On 30 January 2016, several news websites above them Pro-regime Parlmany reported that 13 former official in the interior ministry did not return back the funds they took above them El-Adly himself.
Former police general El-Faham returned back LE 35 million and was excluded from the case.
El-Adly and the other 12 names were referred to Cairo criminal court.
On 7 February 2016, Cairo's criminal court banned El-Adly from travelling abroad and ordered the freezing of his assets as well his family's assets once again in the MOI corruption scandal !!
Other 12 former ministry officials are defendants. Their assets were frozen too.
El-Adly laughing at the court at first !! "Twitter' 
Mubarak's former minister of interior is officially accused of acquiring illegally LE 514 million alone according to the prosecution's statement in the court !!

In December 2015, the court already lifted the assets freeze imposed on the assets and properties of Habib El-Adly who was released from jail earlier that year in March after being acquitted in another corruption case.
Yes, he is currently out of jail as he was released from detention in March after being acquitted on charges of using his political influence to acquire illicit gains amounting to LE 181 million !!
The news of those millions was like a slap in the face in a very critical time coming at the same time of the 28 January revolution anniversary.
You want to know why there is no real security in Egypt, well it is enough to see the amount of corruption in the ministry of interior alone to know why.
If there were true transparency and accountability, all those millions would not have been lost like that !!
I believe this corruption case is actually more offensive to the ministry of interior and the sacrifices of its officers and poor conscripts and soldiers than two boys messing around with condoms as balloons !!
The former interior minister accused of corruption was treated with respect
in court "Youm 7" 
Do you see the photo above for El-Adly treated with respect in courtroom?
Well sadly enough in the same week and in the same courtroom, the court renewed illegally the detention of high school student Mahmoud Mohamed for another 15 days !!!!
Mahmoud Mohamed at court by Momen Samir
There is a difference between the two photos.  

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