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When Egypt's Doctors broke the protest law in the heart of Cairo

I think we can safely say that on Friday 12 February 2016 the infamous protest law was killed publicly in downtown Cairo thanks to Egypt's doctors.It is an unforgettable day.
Thousands of Egyptians doctors flocked to Dar El-Hekima aka Egypt's Doctors syndicate in downtown Cairo to attend the urgent meeting of the syndicate's General assembly to take action and to protest the constant attacks against doctors in hospitals by police personnel in particular following the assault on doctors at Mataria educational hospital.
Outside the syndicate early Friday, doctors and activists also protested
in solidarity for detained doctors. "By Sabry Khaled" 
The General assembly meeting needs at least 1000 members normally, to be held legally. Surprisingly over 10,000 doctors showed up blocking streets in Kasr Al-Aini.It was the most crowded General assembly in the history of the syndicate. It was a protest with all the anti-police chants , unauthorized protest but the doctors did not care.

جانب من هتافات الأطباء 1م . 12-2-2016 #ادعم_نقابة_الأطباء
Posted by Mostafa Mahmoud on Friday, February 12, 2016

Already they could not enter the old building of the syndicate because there was no space and they had to vote using green cards in the middle of the street.
voting in the street because there is no place inside
"By Heba El-Kholy
The Angry the doctors chanted against the ministry of interior describing its personnel as thugs in an unusual scene in the past 3 years.
During the meeting of the General assembly of the doctors' syndicates several important decisions were taken as follows:
  • The General assembly of Egypt's Doctors syndicate decided to provide completely free medical services in public hospitals throughout the country starting from 26 February if the policemen involved in an attack against Mataria hospital's doctors are not referred to court till then.
  • The assembly asked doctors working in private clinics to close them or to provide the medical service for free on 19 March "Egypt's National Doctor Day" in solidarity with doctors in hospitals.
    The Shot of the day "Mahmoud Bakkar" 
  • The assembly also called for protesting stands on 20 February at hospitals throughout the country.
  • The doctors also demanded the installation of CCTV cameras in ER sections and hospitals passages
  • They demand that no armed person enters any medical facility except the facility's security personnel only.
  • The assembly also agreed to give the rights to doctors to strike if they are being attacked or their medical workplace is being attacked till their workplace is being secured effectively.
  • Anyone standing against that protesting procedure from hospital managers or supervising doctors will be referred to disciplinary committee.   
  • The General assembly demanded the dismissal of the current minister of health Ahmed Emad from his position. He is also referred to a disciplinary committee for failing to protect and secure doctors.

  • The assembly also demanded the Prime Minister to issue a decision to oblige the medical facilities administration and police to report any attack against doctors or medical facilities and consider it as an attack against governmental facility or attack against a public official.
  • The doctors also announced their rejection the PM's decision to found an obligatory medical training authority for doctors without taking the opinion of the Doctors' syndicate. I do not understand that matter but it seems it is another upcoming battle between them and the government.
  • It also demanded the House of Representatives to issue a legislation penalizing attacks against hospitals including the attacks by "security and ministry of interior personnel"
Several syndicates like the lawyers syndicate declared their solarity with the doctors. Also, several political parties and groups declared their solidarity.
A group of Pro-Jan25 activists went to show their solidarity as well to the syndicate. For hours, Hashtag "I_support_Doctors_syndicate" in Arabic was trending in Egypt on Friday with over 40,000 tweets.

What happened at Mataria educational Hospital !?

The crisis started on 28 January early morning when a low-ranking officer "Amin Shorta" wearing civilian clothes went to Mataria education hospital on Thursday morning with a wound on his face and asked the doctor examining him in the ER to include fake injuries in the medical report.
The doctor refused and so the low-ranking policeman called 8 of his colleagues to the hospital to assault the doctors before taking them to the infamous Mataria police station where they were detained for several hours.
The low-ranking policemen also claimed that the doctors assaulted and injured them.
They even got fake medical reports to show that they were attacked by the doctors in another hospital.
A CCTV video from Mataria educational hospital showing the attack
The doctors in that other hospital confessed online that they had to fake to medical reports because they were threatened by those low-ranking policemen.
In return, the doctors in Mataria educational hospital decided to start a strike until a legal action was taken against those policemen. The move was supported by Egypt's Doctors syndicate.
The saga in Mataria hospital continued and the doctors decided to escalate their move to shut down the hospital as an escalation.a.
The interior ministry suspended the low-ranking policemen but there was no official investigation by the prosecution so far.
At the same time, Pro-regime TV talk shows and newspapers began a campaign to attack doctors and highlight medical mistakes in the country.
On 4 February 2016, the General prosecutor ordered the striking doctors to return back to work launching an investigation into the closure of the hospital to take legal action against those responsible for the suspension of this public service.
At the same time, Egypt's Doctors syndicate declared that it was holding an urgent General assembly meeting at the syndicate HQ's "Dar El-Hekma" in Cairo on 12 February.
On 10 February 2016, Cairo's prosecution decided to detain the low ranking policemen pending investigation. On 11 February 2016, the prosecution decided to charge the 9 policemen with "with “assaulting public officials” and “using violence”and release them on bail.

The Stars of the assembly

It is true that the doctors were the stars and the talk of the town but there are two figures that stood out as leaders of that movement: Dr. Hussein Khairy, the head of Doctors syndicate and Dr. Mona Mina, the general secretary of the syndicate.
Dr. Hussein Khairy and Dr. Mona Mina at the General assembly
"Haleem Shaarani-Facebook and Flickr"
Dr. Hussein Khairy or the guy who looks like Einstein is unknown to the public but he is a legend among doctors especially among surgeons. The man who does not have a private practice and works in kasr Al-Aini Hospital as a surgeon is labeled "Kasr Al-Aini monk"
Dr. Hussein Khairy by Sabry Khaled 
Mona Mina, the sweet voice veteran health care activist is currently under fire in the Pro-regime media to the level of accusing her of having Muslim Brotherhood leanings.
Dr. Mona Mina by Dr. Alaa El-Taweel
She was reported to the Prosecutor General as well by lawyer Samir Sabry.
I do not need to recount the sexist comment about her.
The doctors and their urgent meeting of the general assembly blocked the whole Kasr A-Aini street long and vital street in Cairo for several hours. In an irony, few blocks aways the Downtown Cairo municipal workers were cleaning and preparing the streets at the House of the Representatives as President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is going to address the newly elected parliament for the first time.
I do not know to describe you how the meeting of the Doctors syndicate gave people hope and an important lesson too. We need strong syndicates and unions like that if we are truly seeking a civil society. We need a true organizing power just like Ultras and Doctors. We need dedicated figures like Mina and Khairy as simple as that.
One thing we learned in 2016 so far, the 'revolutionary status' is not over and the Jan25 Revolution continues in its own mysterious way.
Originally revolution starts with small social and economic demands.
Outside Dar El-Hekma "The Doctors' syndicate by
Ahmed Abdel Gawad
Proof: What happened on Friday at Dar El-Hekma.


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