Sunday, February 14, 2016

Celebrating the Valentine's in time of detention !!

Aya and Mohamed
"by Mona Nader" 
And on the occasion of the valentine's in Egypt we saw that scene on Saturday during the trial of Aya Hegazy and her team from Baladay NGO and we became speechless.

Mohamed Hassanein, Aya's husband brought her flowers bouquet before the hearing of their trial would star on Saturday.
Hassanein was given the bouquet by one of his friends while he was entering the court.
Aya and Hassanein as well the rest of the defendants in their trial have been detained for 650 days pending trial on charges of "human trafficking" and "sexual exploitation of street children to collect donations in conferences" !!!
According to the official autopsy report which was published earlier by Shorouk newspaper, the kids involved in the case were not sexually abused during their stay in the NGO.
The trial on Saturday was adjourned to next Wednesday in order to hear witnesses and see the evidence in the case.
FYI , Aya Hegazy is a U.S. Citizen but she rejected the help of the U.S. embassy insisting to face the charges as an Egyptian citizen.
Anyhow Happy Valentine's and be grateful that you are free to celebrate it.

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