Saturday, February 6, 2016

The night I have seen Orion's belt in the Sky

I think I was a very lucky girl when I recieved that notification from Star Walk app that I should not miss that rare visible 5 planets line-up in the sky. I went to the balcony in that cold weather to see those planets and to my surprise I saw a very starry sky in the middle of Giza city with all the street lights on.

A starry night in the city

I took a couple of photos and to my luck for the first time , I saw the legendary Orion's belt visible and crystal clear in the sky.

Already it turned out that it is visiable in the Northern winter and Southern summer starting from January.

Orion's belt

I did not see the 5 planets , already they are visible 80 minutes before sunrise and technically I will be sleeping in bed in that time but I am happy to see the Orion's belt and the sky full of stars like that in the big city.

Orion's belt in the Orion's constellation played a role in the Egyptian mythedology.

Needless to say , Orion's belt is famously connected to Egypt now thanks to the Orion Correlation theory promoted by ancient alien theorist Robert Bauval and History Channel's show "Ancient aliens".


  1. A truly wonderful thing to behold..Orion's belt. I think this site is wonderful too, with some of the best photos of the night skies online today. In case you cannot get the link to open, google "Earth" for amazing photos and the acceptable by all - science of the skies. Anyone can sign up online for their free daily newsletter. Its a joy to receive for astronomical updates.

    Betelguese in the belt of Orion, is actually a huge red star which I didn't know, just like Antares. It will not explode into a super nova in our lifetimes however, perhaps 10 million light years away :)

  2. Oh, excuse me, that IS your posted link after all. You know what I mean, its amazing and they do a great service to educate everyone.


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