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When Ultras Ahlawy replied Sisi's call

In the past four days, Ultras Ahlawy "UA07" proved to be more politically mature than any other Egyptian party or political movement or even official institution in Egypt.
It started on 30 January with a small announcement on the Ultras Ahlawy "UA07" twitter and Facebook accounts announcing that they were going to commemorate on 1 February the 72 victims from their members who were  killed during the Port Said stadium clashes in 2012.
We will continue " Ibrahim Ezzat Hendy" 
The commemoration would be held according to the announcement at Al-Ahly Sporting Club's main stadium "Mokhtar El-Tetch stadium" in Cairo starting at 2 PM as they had alway done in the past three years.
Nobody paid at attention at that announcement except when the photos being to be shared on that day from El-Tetch stadium showing thousands of angry young men commemorating the anniversary of their young comrades while carrying anti-SCAF banners as well the photos of the 74 young men.
The Ultras boys at the El-Tetch stadium " Ultras Ahlawy Official FB" 
From Cairo Tower, the scene from an ariel view
"Ultras Ahlawy official FB"
The Ultras Ahlawy comemmoration
"Ultras Ahlawy official FB page""
And we are still men
"Ultras Ahlawy official FB page" 
72 martyrs are comemmorated on that day
"Ultras Ahlawy official FB page" 
Among the banners , a banner that said "Al-Ahly fans do not apologize to murderers" in direct reference to the apology of Al-Ahly Club's current administration to the Egyptian armed forces and the former head of SCAF and ex-minister of defense Field Marshal Hussein Tantawy for allegedly the offensive chants and insults against him in all those years !!
Ahly fans do not apologize to murderers banner
"Ultras Ahlawy Official FB page" 
Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is not only involved in the Port Said Massacre as a member of SCAF during then but his mentor in the army whom he publicly respects and honors all the time is attacked and insulted.
Field Marshal Tantawy is featured in the UA07 banner as a wanted man
"Ultras official FB page" 
Yes, the boys chanted against Field Marshal Tantaway who was is also the current president of Egypt's mentor.
The army is already refusing to host Al-Ahly's matches on its stadiums.
At the same time, the current Al-Ahly's board is fixing legal problems and so in an act of despair, it apologized to the army and police for fans' insults in late December.
The banners said it all.
Banner with verses of retribution from Holy Quran
"Ultras Ahlawy Official Facebook" 
The videos filmed there show that those young boys won't forget what the police or SCAF did in 2012.
                                   The people want the execution of Field Marshal chant

شاهد .. ملعب التيتش فى احياء #مجزره_بورسعيدوهتافات الجماهير التى اغضبت مجلس الادارة والحكومة - تفاعل اهالى الضحايا مع الهتافات مصحوبة بالبكاء والصراخ
Posted by Muhamed Abou Alia on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

                                             A martyr's mother: Do not sing or you will get killed

The video above broke my heart and brought tears to my eyes showing the martyrs parents participating in the anniversary. A martyr's mother screaming hysterical while the Ultras boys singing their anti-regime songs urging to stop singing because "whoever sings gets killed".

That technically was the biggest organized protest against the regime since 2013.

You can imagine that event coming in that way after the 25 January anniversary and what following from the Condoms prank to the 28 January anniversary to the arrest and release of Islam Gawish.
Pro-regime TV hosts went mad attacking those kids and in another pathetic act, the failed head of Al-Ahly club Mahmoud Taher stated that he informed the police to arrest those boys who insulted the army and police at El-Tetch earlier !!
For the first time, we saw Pro-Tantawy hashtags on twitter launched by none other Pro-Sisi and Pro-army supporters.
Then on Monday, the unexpected happened.
Egypt's President Abdel El-Fattah El-Sisi phoned  Amr Adeeb's popular TV show on Al-Youm TV channel, which is part of Dubai-based cable TV network "OSN" to comment on the Ultras Ahlawy commemoration and Islam Gawish's arrest.
Sisi speaks to Amr Adeeb about Ultras and Islam Gawish
Saying that he is open to criticism, the current Egyptian president admitted that there was a need to communicate with the youth in reference to Islam Gawish's incident.
When it comes to the Ultras, Sisi called the group to send 10 of its wise members to be a part of committee to look into the evidence and circumstances concerning Port Said Stadium clashes.
74 martyrs fallen from Ultras Ahlawy
in the years of the Egyptian revolution
"Ultras Ahlawy Official FB page' 
He also asked them to think about the Egyptian youth and not only those "youth in Port Said !!"
That call was regarded as an invitation for a dialogue with the president.

Yes, the Egyptian president spoke about Ultras group as if they were a political group that he needed to talk with on 2 February 2016.

For me, it is the highest official recognition of that hardcore sports fan group's mobilization power.

Interestingly, it seems that El-Sisi and the Egyptian presidency forgot in May 2015, the Cairo court for urgent matters banned all the activities of Ultras groups in Egypt declaring them as a terrorist organization !!

On Wednesday, the TV talk shows changed its tune praising the president who wanted to reach for the youth. Some TV shows even claimed that Ultras Ahlawy and Ultras White Knights "Zamalek" accepted the President's invitation for dialogue while other Sports TV commentators like Ahmed Shobeir "who hates Ultras groups" said that the President did not invite anyone. No one from the UA07 or UWK came forward and spoke publicly in those shows or mainstream media so far.

But hours later the famous yet secretive group issued a statement on its official Facebook page.

أهتمام رئيس الجمهورية بالجمهور فى 2014 بعد نهائى سيوى سبور وللمرة الثانية منذ ساعات بقضية بورسعيد ودعوة الاولتراس بالمشا...
Posted by Ultras Ahlawy - UA07 on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Now that was one of the best smart political statements I have read for a long time. Using a very sophisticated Arabic style, Ultras Ahlaway said what they wanted in a very balanced way.

They started their statement by praising what Sisi said about the group in his call when at the same time the Ultras is being attacked by Pro-Sisi media night and day.

Then comes the most important part: All what the Ultras Ahlaway wants from the government and the President is the retribution for the martyrs that were killed in Port Said clashes and presenting all those involved to justice above them the security leading officials during that time.

Martyr Anar Mohi's banner and his mother 
Currently,9 police officials are among the 73 defendants standing retrial on charges related to the killing of the young fans in Port Said, with final verdicts yet to be read or carried out according to Ahram Online.

The Ultras Ahlawy also wants the return of audience to football matches.

They mentioned wisely in their statement to the UWK massacre.

I saw it like that "if you want to sit with us, then you have to do this" and the group knows that he can not do either anytime soon. Those were their constant demands that have not changed since day one.

Sisi and presidency tried to play a game with Ultras thinking that they scored a goal but UA07 scored two goals with no effort in a very clever game. Now it is Sisi's turn.

Sadly, many people did not understand what the statement of the Ultras group due to its sophisticated Arabic style and this shows you how much the education is so bad now in Egypt !!

Many of the UA07 fans attacked the group on it official FB page claiming that it gave up the blood of the martyrs and agreed to sit down with Sisi despite they did not announce that in their statement
On the other hand, Sisi's supporters are cheering up for the group for accepting the call for dialogue with the President which did not happen !!!

I should not forget that the Pro-Morsi supporters and Muslim Brotherhood kept cursing them for giving the rights of the martyrs to sit down with the illegitimate ruler of Egypt !!!!!
I hate to break the news that the Ultras Ahlaway cares less for the MB's cause to reinstate Mohamed Morsi.

What the UA07 has done this week proved that in the past five, the sports fan group has matured more than any political group or party or even institution clearly in Egypt politically and socially despite the clear fact that it is not a real political group. Their statement is balanced that no one can take any word in it against them.

Ultras Ahlaway has got two aims now other than supporting Al-Ahly Sports club in all kind of sports and those two aims are: Restoring back the rights of the 74 Martyrs and to return back to the stadium.
The adults should learn from those boys.

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