Sunday, March 27, 2016

After 9 months , we still ask Where Massouny is !!

Saturday marked nine months since the disappearance of Mostafa Massouny in Downtown Cairo in late June.
It also marks his 28th years-old birthday.
Because of that occasion , a brave group of 6 girls led by activist Sanaa Seif organized a very small silent protest in front of the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis demanding to know the fate of Mostafa Massouny.
The girls in front of the Presidential Palace "by Momen Samir"
The girls wore T-Shirt with "Where is Massouny slogan".
The girls wearing  The Where is Mostafa Massouny's ? T-shirt
"Momen Samir" 

Early March , a girl called "Nouran Nabil" from Massouny's friends organized one-girl protest in front of the ministry of interior itself.
Nouran carrying alone the Where is Mostafa Massouny ? banner
"By Momen Samir" 
Bravely , Nouran stood alone in defiance.
There is nothing official or unofficial about the young video editor who went missing on 26 June.
The Egyptian Ministry of interior maintains its denials that it had nothing to do with his disappearance claiming that some of those reportedly disappeared in shady circumstances are either arrested or have joined Daesh.
But on the other hand , Massouny's family and friends believe that the Ministry of interior and its National security are behind his forcible disappearance. They still remember how they were told by a friend of a friend who works in the National security that Massouny was detained there and he would be released soon.
They also remember how the National security called Massouny's work to have a background check on him.
Soon became forever
I am extremely worried now after all that time.
I am praying that Massouny would be alive and safe for the sake of his family.

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