Saturday, March 26, 2016

And Mahmoud Mohamed and Islam Talaat are back Home

And aside from that strange story that nobody wants to believe about that criminal gang allegedly involved in Giulio Regeni's murder according to the Egyptian ministry of interior , another important and cheerful thing took place on Thursday that I should have highlighted and celebrated.
"Anti-torture" t-shirt detainee aka Mahmoud Mohamed is finally released on bail and he is currently at his home.
Oh yes , thankfully the Criminal Court rejected the prosecution's appeal against the decision to release the 18-years-old teenager who spent more than 760 days in Pre-trial detention.
Mahmoud Mohamed was not released alone by the way.
Islam Talaat , a 23-years-old young man as released along Mahmoud Mohamed.
Just like Mohamed , Talaat was arrested on 25 January 2014 and he stayed in pre-trial detention for two years.
They were released at every late hour last Thursday.
Mahmoud "L" and Islam "R", between them their lawyer
Mokhtar Mounir "Adel Eissa" 
One must wonder how many detainees locked up without a trial for years now !!

You just have to see the photo of Mahmoud on 25 January 2014 and 25 March 2016 to see the difference happened to this young teenager.
On January 25,2014
On March 25 , 2016
The photos of Mahmoud Mohamed and his brother Tarek "Tito" are more than cheerful.
The two brothers hug "Adel Eissa"
Tito fought without a rest for his young brother
"Adel Eissa" 
Here are Mahmoud and Tarek at their home at last.
The two brothers at their home at last
"Tito's Twitter account" 

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